Apis Homaccord - 50 ML by Heel/BHI Homeopathics


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Apis Homaccord - 50 ML by BHI HEEL

Edema, eczema pustulosum, cerebral irritability.

Apis mellifica 2X, Apis mellifica 10X, Apis mellifica 30X, Apis mellifica 200X, Apis mellifica 1000X ana 0.05 ml; Apisinum 6X, Apisinum 30X, Scilla 2X, Scilla 10X, Scilla 30X ana 0, 125 ml; Tartarus stibiatus 2X, Tartarus stibiatus 10X, Tartarus stibiatus 30X, Tartarus stibiatus 200X ana 0.2 ml. Contains 35 Vol. % alcohol.

In general, 10 drops directly on the tongue 3 times daily.

Form in which supplied and package size:
Dropper bottle containing 50ml

Pharmacological and clinical notes
Constituents Indications
Apis mellifica (honey bee) Edema with a pale, pasty appearance, inflammation with burning and stabbing pains, pseudo meningitis.
Apisinum (bee venom) Indications as for apis, serious edematous inflammation, hydrocephalic cry.
Scilla (squill) Diuretic for edema, cardiac insufficiency with congestive bronchitis.
Tartarus stibiatus (antimony potassium tactrate varicella, scrofulosis, urticaria, rubella. tartrate) Expectorant, coughs with retching and nausea.

Based on the individual homeopathic constituents of Apis-Homaccord therapeutic possibilities result for the treatment of edema with slight myocardial weakness (in addition to Aurumheel drops), especially malleolar edema in warm weather, rubella and varioliform skin diseases, strophulus infantum, urticarial exanthema, expectorant in bronchitis and laryngitis, neurodermatitis, herpes zoster, insect stings, edema of glottis, albuminuria, glomerulonephritis acuta (in addition to Albumoheel), circumscribed, painful burning areas (including after bee stings and insect stings), cerebral sensitivity (in addition to Bryaconeel, Cruroheel, Belladonna-Homaccord). The dosage is adjusted according to the disease, the symptoms and the stage of the illness: 10 drops 2-4 times daily, possibly alternating with Sulfur-Heel (pruritus), Psorinoheel (skin and head affections), Phosphor-Homaccord (edema of glottis), Aurumheel drops (myocardial weakness, edema), Belladonna-Homaccord (reaction phases, rubella), 1 ampules possibly in a mixed injection with auxiliary remedies, in acute disorders daily, otherwise three times weekly, i.v., i.m., s.c.

For the relief of swelling or burning of the skin due to:
Insect bites

Each 50ml contains as active ingredients: Antimonium tartaricum 2X, 10X, 30X,200X 0.2 ml each; Apis venenum purum 6X,30X, Sicilla maritima 3X,10X, 30X 0.125ml each; Apis mellifica 2X, 10X, 30X, 200X, 1000X,0.05ml each. Inactive ingredients: Ethanol, Purified water USP. (1X=1:10 dilution, 2X=1:100, 3X=1:1000, etc)

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