Hepapurg Drops - 1 OZ by MBi Nutraceuticals

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Hepapurg Drops MB-7 by Molecular Biologics - MBi Nutraceuticals


Carduus mar. 2x, Chelidonium 2x, China 3x, Cholesterinum 6x, Colocynthis 6x, Lycopodium 4x, Nux vomica 4x, Collinsonia 3x, Ethanol, Aqua pur.


Organic and functional complaints of liver and gallbladder, hepatopathy, cholecystophathy, calculi, disturbances of the biliary secretion, hepatitis, swelling of the abdomen, premature satiety, lack of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, flatulence, constipation, weariness after meals, irritation, hypochondria and hypercholesteremia.


Carduus mar.: Painful swelling of the liver, jaundice, biliary calculi, cholangitis.

Chelidonium: Swelling of the liver with sensation of pressure on liver and biliary vesicle and extending to right shoulder blade, cholagogue.

China: Meteorism, swelling of abdomen, flatulent colics.

Cholesterinum: Enlargement of the liver, jaundice and formation of gallstones.

Colocynthis: Cramp like pains in abdomen, cannot stand pressure of clothes. At the time a pain occurs, improvement is obtained through strong pressure on abdomen and bending over.

Lycopodium: Meteorism and flatulence, bitter taste in mouth, bad humour, or constipation.

Nux vomica: Hypochondria, liver constriction and congestion, nausea, abuse of tobacco, icterus, gastro-duodenal catarrh, constipation.


Generally 3 times a day 10-20 drops in some water before meals. If no improvement occurs within 8-14 days take 10-20 drops 4-6 times a day and reduce the dose when improving. Even after complete disappearance of the complaints, take 10-15 drops 1-3 times a day for a longer period of time, use low stress diet, white meat protein, extra fruit and vegetables and low fat.

In painful colics, 10 drops in some water every 15-30 minutes.