Healthy Horizons Stress Fighting Multi by Diamond Herpanacine

 Balance nutrients and antioxidants
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MPN: 2-090
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  • Advanced daily nutritional supplement specifically formulated to fortify your body with a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Developed to target stress... we have packed this formula with a powerful blend of B-complex vitamins and vitamin C. During these stressful times, there is no better way to start your day than with Healthy Horizons!
  • Enhanced with Alpha Lipoic Acid, an extraordinary metabolic antioxidant which helps protect your cells and "recycle and replenish" vitamins E and C in the body.
  • Healthy Horizons is one of the most prolific daily supplements on the market today! It's like getting two formulas for the low price of one!
  • You wanted it all, and now with Healthy Horizons... you can have it!

Here are the ingredients in Healthy Horizons and the ways that studies show that they can help you!

Beta Carotene:
This strong antioxidant cleanses tissue and bodily cells of toxins.

Vitamin C:
Cleanses blood & tissues of impurities & raises immune function - a strong antioxidant.

Vitamin D:
Helps to strengthen bones by helping absorb calcium.

Vitamin E:
Powerful Antioxidant, improves energy, helps circulation.

Thiamin B1:
Important for the nervous system to function. Works to reduce stress.

Riboflavin B2:
Helps nerve function & aids cellular growth. Works to reduce stress.

Vitamin B6:
Mild diuretic, helps kidney function. Works to reduce stress.

Folic Acid:
Essential for nerve regulation & cellular development.

B 12:
Builds healthy red blood cells & improves energy. Works to reduce stress.

Essential for healthy bones, especially in women and growing children.

Essential for proper nerve function & a healthy immune system. Helps to reduce stress.

Vital for proper glandular function, supports blood sugar/insulin balance.

Attacks abnormal cellular formations & raises immune function - a strong antioxidant.

Essential mineral necessary in helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Vital for proper glandular function, proper kidney function & blood sugar balance.

Alpha Lipoic:
Works to help the body cope with stress - a strong antioxidant.

Astragalus Root:
Strong stimulant to the function of the immune system.

Green Tea:
A strong natural cleanser for the entire body, this potent antioxidant may be helpful in preventing & treating the growth of abnormal cells - mild stimulating effect on circulation.

Good for the immune system & has been known to help in the reduction of hypertension.

Ginkgo Biloba:
Helps improve energy, mental focus & circulation.

Grape Seed:
Helps circulation & detoxifies the body - a strong antioxidant.