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Prost-Orch Complex - 60 CP by Molecular Biologics - MBi Nutraceuticals

Support the prostate and supplement the body with essential hormones and nutrients with Prost-Orch Complex. Orchic tissue is derived from the testes and functions to produce sperm and testosterone. Supplementing the body with dehydrated glandulars, which contain all of the enzymes and hormones present in the natural tissue, helps the body to repair tissue and boost the normal function of the diseased or damaged organ-in this case the prostate gland or orchic tissue.

Prost-Orch Complex ingredient highlights
Orchic tissue is derived from the testes. The testes has two major functions in the male: first is the production of sperm or reproductive cells and the second is the production of hormones, mainly testosterone.

The Prostate gland, along with the bulbourethral, is responsible for the synthesis of glycoproteins or mucous and the buffers and enzymes that make sperm motile and fertile.

Vitamin A is synergistic with zinc for the synthesis of protein and the promotion of healing. Vitamin A protects membrane lining, and all passages which open to the exterior of the body. It also protects the gland and their ducts, and the genitourinary tract. It is imperative for reproduction and the formation of red and white blood cells, proteolyte enzymes, adrenal cortex function, the formation of progesterone, and the compound on the metabolic pathway between cholesterol and corticosteroids for steroid synthesis.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which reduces inflammation and promotes healing of soft tissues.

Vitamin E prevents oxidation of Vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol. Free radicals such as oxides, epoxides and peroxides cause early aging and cell damage. It also prevents oxidation of methionine and thiamine. Vitamin E promotes healing of all tissues and organs in the body. Vitamin E protects the structure and function of muscle tissues, and helps with testicular degeneration sterility in males.

Copper aids in synthesis of cytochrome in tissue respiration. It is important of elastic formation throughout the body, the immune response, cardiovascular system, bone formation, and oxidative enzymes such as peroxidase, tryosinase, ceruloplasmin and superoxide dismutase. It is imperative for skin pigmentation, reproduction, growth, and myelination of the spinal cord.

Manganese is essential for normal bone metabolism, synthesis of glycoprotein, respiration, growth and reproduction, and utilization of glucose in maintaining the level of blood sugar. It is important for the prevention of sterility and production of testosterone hormones.

Zinc is essential to the male reproductive system for the sperm and the carrier of glycoproteins excreted by the prostate. It is vital in preventing the growth of tumors and other abnormalities such as swelling of gonads and glands and irritation to the seminal vesicles and urinary tract.

Bee Pollen is used for the health of the prostate for shrinking non-malignant tumors in the prostate and urinary tract, due to the trace plant hormones.

Saw Palmetto restores and strengthens the genital organs, and promotes conception. It is valuable for impotence, frigidity, infertility, sterility, prostate enlargement, orchitis, restores the spleen, nerve, thyroid, and lungs.