Bio Gland - 60 CP by MBi Nutraceuticals

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Bio Gland - 60 CP by Molecular Biologics - MBi Nutraceuticals

Bio-Gland, the ultimate glandular combination, is a mixture of freeze dried New Zealand glandulars combined in the same balance found in the human body.


The term glandulars refers to dried and ground-up raw animal glandular and nonglandular tissues or extracts of these tissues. Glandulars are said to have gland-restorative activity, immunomodulatory effects, androgenic and estrogenic properties and various rejuvenating qualities. The components of the various glandular supplements are digested, absorbed and metabolized by normal physiological processes.

Glandular tissues are rich sources of nutrients, enzymes, hormones, and other factors that support specific gland-related metabolism and physiological function. Glandular supplementation provides supplementation like no other combinations that help in tonifying specific organ tissues by providing the specific glandular nutrient combinations and the necessary enzymes for proper cellular health found only in glandulars.


  • Pancreas supplies digestive enzymes which not only aid in the digestion of food but also stimulate the pancreas to increase its own production of enzymes. It also stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Heart has been shown to stimulate the regeneration of diseased heart muscle in animal experiments.
  • Liver boosts resistance to disease, endurance, performance and strength over and above the effect of the vitamins and minerals contained.
  • Stomach aids in the healing of ulcers both of the stomach and duodenum as well as enhances the absorption of vitamin B12.
  • Duodenal enhances digestion, heals and protects the digestive tract from ulcers and enhances the absorption of B12.
  • Thymus boosts the immune power of individuals with compromised immunity.
  • Spleen stimulates the immune system, especially in people with Hodgkin's disease.
  • Adrenal boosts the body's ability to deal with stresses such as infections, physical challenge, allergens, and sexual stimulation.
  • Lung is recommended for all types of lung disease.


Supplement Facts
Vitamin E 5 IU, Liver Tissue 400 mg, Brain Tissue 320 mg, Stomach Tissue 90 mg, Kidney Tissue 80 mg, Heart Tissue 80 mg, Spleen Tissue 50 mg, Pancreas Tissue 40 mg, Duodenum Tissue 20 mg, Bovine Thyroid Tissue 10 mg, Adrenal Tissue 4 mg, Thymus Tissue 5 mg, Lymph Tissue 5 mg, Parotid Tissue 2 mg, Pituitary Tissue 1 mg.

As a dietary supplement, take two to four capsules per day following meals or as directed by your health care professional.