Renewal Firming Eye Cream - 1 OZ by MBi Nutraceuticals

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Renewal Firming Eye Cream - 1 OZ by Molecular Biologics - MBi Nutraceuticals

The eye area can be one of the first places to show signs of stress, fatigue, and aging. Help your eyes look their best with this rich revitalizing cream which moisturizes with Bee s wax and jojoba oil to soften and lubricate the delicate skin around the eyes. Renewal Firming Eye Cream brightens your entire look by smoothing out crow s feet and minimizing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It contains hyaluronic acid which acts as a binding, lubricating, and protective agent. Here is a listing of a few of the beneficial ingredients in Renewal Firming Eye Cream.

Copper: Is an essential mineral which complexes with the important skin protein called elastin. Elastin keeps skin tight and supple. When copper is depleted the skin becomes brittle and loses its elasticity. Copper is also important for the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) which is an important enzyme to ward off premature aging and damage to the skin and joints.

Zinc: Is an important mineral involved in protein synthesis, immunity, healing, respiration, and the enzyme SOD. Zinc helps the skin cells defend against invading bacteria to prevent acne and other skin ailments.

Coenzyme Q10: Is part of the mitochondria or energy factors in the body. The components of cells make ATP, the energy currency of all cells. Co-Q10 works with all the other B vitamins to fulfill this important step. This cofactor is extremely important for healthy, vibrant skin.

Tocotrienols: As members of the Vitamin E family of nutrients, tocotrienols are powerful antioxidants. Tocotrienols prevent the destruction of the lipid part of the cell membranes and promote healing of damaged skin. But unlike ordinary Vitamin E, tocotrienols have highly unsaturated side chains which make them three to ten times more active as free radical scavengers and antioxidants.

Methylsulfonylmethane: MSM is a natural component of all cells. It helps the skin to retain moisture, further reducing fine lines. MSM also scavenges free radical oxygen to prevent damage to healthy skin.

Biotin: Is also involved in the synthesis of skin components through its ability to transfer carbon residues. It promotes healing and healthier looking skin.

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