Psoriasis Drops - 1 OZ by MBi Nutraceuticals

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PSORIASIS DROPS MB-65 HOMEOPATHIC by Molecular Biologics - MBi Nutraceuticals

Arsenic Alb. 12x, Berberis Aquifol. 1x, Calcium Carb. 30x, Graphites 12x, Hydrocotyle Asiatica 2x, Natrium Hypo. 30x, Cuprum Sulf. 6x, 20% Ethanol, Aqua pur.

Psoriasis vulgaris, psoriasis-like eczema.

All the chosen constitutional remedies have a particular affinity for the skin.
Arsen. album: Skin itches and burns, dry exfoliating skin.
Berberis aquifolium: Has proven itself in psoriasis.
Calc. carb. Hahnem.: Scrofulous diathesis, fair, fat, flabby type of patient, impaired nutrition.
Graphites: Stout, fair patients. Rough, hard and persistent dryness of areas of skin. Eruptions ooze a sticky exudate.
Hydrocotyle asiatica: Great thickening of epidermoid layer with exfoliation of scales. Circular spots with scaly edges.
Natrium Hypo: Pimply irritating rash on face, red smarting rash on face.

10-15 drops in water, 2 to 3 times daily before meals. Duration variable case to case.

* In all cases check: Bio Naturalvite, Emulsi A, Vtox, Systox, Metalotox, Metabatox, Colotox, BioTone, Immune Complex, Bio Immune drops, Lysinol, Oligo Cu-Au-Ag, & Zn-Cu, Mn-Cu, S.

To enhance action of MB 65 give in addition, MB 21.

Psoriasis is a deep-seated constitutional complaint that requires time and patience in treatment. Constitutional remedies such as MB 21 need time to bring about a reaction.

If symptoms agree MB 23, 10-15 drops daily in water for a period of one week may be thought of in addition to MB 65.

In cases of endocrine secretory disturbances MB 19 or MB 20 respectively may be used as additional therapy. The dosage being 10-15 drops once daily for a week.

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