Liqui-Cal - 12 OZ by MBi Nutraceuticals

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Calcium has been proven to contribute to bone strength and lower the risk of osteoporosis. Calcium is also essential to healthy blood, and is known to help ease insomnia. Calcium also plays a part in muscle growth and contraction, and nerve transmission. According to the National Institute of Health, half of all Americans do not consume enough calcium.

Magnesium is an important factor in bone mineralization and plays a vital role in protein and energy metabolism. Magnesium is also associated with the regulation of body temperature and with acid/alkaline balance.

Vitamin D3 is important in transporting calcium around the body. Vitamin D is necessary for normal bone and cartilage mineralization. It also helps maintain a stable nervous system.

As a dietary supplement for adults and children four or more years of age: one or two tablespoons daily between meals. For children under four: one or two teaspoons per day, or as directed by your health care professional.