Olive Leaf Extract - 800 MG - 60 CP by Pacific Health Research

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Olive Leaf Extract 800 mg. - 60 CP by Scientific Bio-Logics

17% to 24% Maximum extraction allowed in the US.

Olive Leaf Extract produced by a specialized patented process which permits the full power of the Olive Leaf to be released. As one of nature's most powerful natural antiviral and antibiotic substance, Olive Leaf Extract has been shown to significantly boost the body's immune system.

Olive Leaf Extract 800 mg. produced by a specialized patented process which permits the full power of the Olive Leaf to be released. As one of nature's most powerful natural antiviral and antibiotic substance, Olive Leaf Extract has been shown to significantly boost the body's immune system.

The Olive Tree
The olive tree was recognized in antiquity as a good food source for its resistance and plant pathogens. Consumers trust the healthy benefits associated with olives and olive oil: The monounsaturated fatty acids are particularly concentrated in the leaves is Oleuropein, a potent antimicrobial that has inhibited the growth of every human pathogen it has been tested against, including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and yeast.

Your Immune system
Your immune system is your coat of armor protecting your from many diseases and infections. When the immune system is working properly you do not suffer very long from cold, flu, herpes, chicken pox and hundreds of other diseases, some very deadly. A strong immune system will recover from a pathogen invasion, and most of the time you will not be aware of the battle that took place within your body. However, if your immune system is not functioning at its peak efficacy, you may be sick for extended period of time. You know you have "caught" something because most diseases cause symptoms that are recognizable. After consultation with a doctor, he will usually be able to tell you which "disease" you have and describe the symptoms caused by that disease. The cause is much more elusive, and seldom identified.

Once the immune system is over-burdened with some type of pathogen, (virus, fungi, yeast, bacteria, parasites) disease takes a foothold and sometimes it takes months and even years to manifest itself. In the mean time, the pathogens are in your body draining strength from the immune system.

East Parkô Olive Leaf Extract does not cure any disease. It is, however a cold-blooded killer of most pathogens. Once the pathogens have been killed off, the immune system can rebuild itself and "cure" the "disease", i.e. get rid of the symptoms that have plagued you.

Indications of a weakened immune system

Recurring allergies
Bowel and digestive problems
Enlarged and tender lymph nodes
Joint pain and swelling
Lack of appetite
Nasal and sinus congestion
Respiratory problems such as asthma
Skin rashes and sores
Susceptibility to contagious health problems
Muscle weakness

Why d-Lenolate is different from other Olive leaf products

Antimicrobial activity occurs in the body when d-Lenolate is used because oleuropein breaks down to elolenic acid (in the form of calcium elenolate; a calcium salt). Elolenic acid interacts with a target pathogen at a receptor, in the same way a key interacts with a lock. The elolenic acid is the key and the pathogen receptor is the lock. Specific keys fit specific locks.
Elolenic acid comes in two forms that are mirror images of each other and may be thought of as a pair of identical twins. The only difference between the two kinds of elolenic acid is their handedness. One reflects light to the right (right-handedness), while the other reflects light to the left (left-handedness). This difference, chirality, defines how the key is tooled, and determines how well it fits a particular lock. Chirality is caused by different spatial arrangements of atoms around a single carbon atom.

Left-handed elolenic acid binds completely (100%) to serum protein, which prevents interaction with pathogen receptors. Right-handed elolenic acid (key) fits the pathogen receptor (lock), the pathogen is inhibited or destroyed.

Upjohn Company discovered the role of elolenic acid in oleuropein, but could not find how to produce the right handed version. After four years of work, East Park Research discovered a patented process in 1995 that preferentially isolates and supplies concentrated right-handed elolenic.

EAST PARK RESEARCH INC. is the inventor of the original olive leaf extract (EDEN) and is the only manufacturer of olive leaf extract that is truly therapeutic. All other conventional extraction methods create a powdered concentration whose active ingredients bind rapidly to serum proteins in the blood, rendering them virtually useless in living organisms.

Research into Calcium Elonate; This active component of Olive leaf extract has been found to:

Powerfully strengthens the immune system
Normalizes blood pressure in animals
Increases blood flow in the coronary system
Helps inhibit oxidation of low-density lipids (bad cholesterol)
Helps prevent intestinal muscle spasms
Neutralizes the production of reverse transcriptase as well as protease
Inactivates harmful microorganisms by dissolving their outer lining: proving highly effective against a remarkably wide range of viruses.
Exhibit powerful anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties.
Acts effectively at low concentrations without harmful influences on the host cell mechanism
Be extremely safe and non-toxic, even at high concentrations.

Despite the ability of d-Lenolate to kill off bad bacteria, it has been shown to feed the good bacteria in the gut and promote its growth.. In an experiment by Dr. John Vorhees of Nevada using acidophilus, bulgarus and caucacius, Olive leaf extract was added to a batch of yogurt prior to incubation. Not only did these good bacteria thrive, the resultant yogurt tasted rich and full blooded.

When people have been suffering with a chronic problem there may be a quick and somewhat adverse reaction. This is part and parcel of the detoxification process, when large numbers of microbes and pathogens die, releasing toxins into the system.

This can overload the body's elimination system, with common reactions being fatigue, diarrhea, headaches and flu like symptoms. If this happens to you, you know d-Lenolate is working!