Immunofin - 250 MG - 60 SG by Lane Labs

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Immunofin 250 MG - 60 SG Lane labs

Adult diets low in G-E lipids The richest known source of G-E lipids is mother's milk. It contains 30 to 50 mg of G-E lipids per liter - 10 times more than cow's milk. The average adult diet, by contrast, contains only about 10 mg of G-E lipids - most of which comes from meat. But nature's second richest source of G-E lipids is found in sharks (which are known to have extraordinarily powerful immune systems).

LaneLabs - long a leader in shark research and a developer of cutting-edge natural supplements for immune support - has pioneered a chemical-free method of extracting G-E lipids from shark liver oil and concentrating them in ImmunoFin. Each ImmunoFin capsule delivers 50 mg G-E lipids to help promote white blood cell formation in your body.

ImmunoFin G-E (Glycerol Ether Lipid) supplement naturally purified from Shark Liver Oil. G-E Lipid (Glycerol Ether Lipid) supplement naturally purified from shark liver oil. For children and adults. Prepares your defenses beyond echinacea. Be prepared by taking ImmunoFin daily. G-E Lipids are essential natural compounds produced in your body and concentrated in bone marrow, lymph nodes, liver and spleen. When you are fighting off colds and flu (and anytime your immune system is active) you deplete your G-E lipid reserves and potentially weaken your defenses. Keeping you guard up isnt easy, the average diet contains only 10mg per day of G-E lipids. Early in life, Nature provides its own G-E lipid supplement - mothers milk, with 30 to 50mg of G-E lipid per liter (10 times more than cows milk).

Sharks possess an incredibly powerful immune system, so its not surprising that they provide the other naturally concentrated source of G-E lipids. ImmunoFin is made through a proprietary, all natural process which extracts G-E lipids present in shark liver oil. The concentration of ImmunoFin is not found in other fish oils (G-E lipids should not be confused with omega 3 fatty acids).

Shark liver oil has been relied upon as a healthful supplement for centuries. For the past 40 years, publication of research on the activity of G-E lipids supports the wisdom of this time-honored practice. Directions: With food. Adults: take two (2) capsules daily. Children: take one (1) capsule daily. Ingredients: Shark Liver Oil Extract, Gelatin, Water, Glycerin Contains: G-E Lipid (Glycerol Ether Lipid)

Adults: take two (2) capsules daily. Children: take one (1) capsule daily.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Calories 5
Calories from Fat 5
Total Fat 0.5g
Vitamin D 20 IU 4%
*Daily Value Not Established
Other Ingredients: hark liver oil extract, gelatin, water and glycerin.

Immuno Fin, a dietary supplement by Lane Labs, comes in a 120 Soft-Gelcap form. It is used to promote white blood cell production.

Immuno Fin is a concentrated G-E liquid (Glycerol Ether Lipid) supplement made from purified shark liver oil.