Y-Snore Spray - 20 ML by Y-Snore


This product has been discontinued

UPC: 798311111712

YSnore by Ysnore in recent preliminary medical studies has been seen as effective in as many as 65% of disruptive snoring cases. Y-Snore has the potential to successfully benefit up to 50 million people in the US, or 1.2 billion worldwide. Y-Snore wants to bring you relief and some humor about this serious subject.

Just a few sprays or drops in each nostril before bedtime... So you and your family will enjoy a quiet night's sleep.

For a quiet nights sleep spray at the base of each nostril before bedtime.

Active ingredients (in each spray)
Dioscorea Villosa 2X HPUS and Zingiber Officinalis 2X HPUS.

Inactive ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, ethanol, glycerin, purified water, and sodium chloride.