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Natural prevention powerful results.

You might expect an entirely natural supplement to be less powerful in reducing migraine pain and frequency. In fact, Petadolex Gelcaps has proven very effective in both clinical studies and in practice for more than 25 years in Europe.

Studies confirm that supplementation with Petadolex Gelcaps to help maintain smooth muscle tone in cerebral blood vessels, as shown by patients having 62% fewer migraine days.

After four weeks, patients experienced 45% fewer attacks. After 8 weeks, maximum benefits were reached.

77% of Petadolex patients considered Petadolex supplementation to be successful, compared to 27% of patients taking placebo.

Follow these guidelines for maximum relief.

For maximum benefits, Petadolex Gelcaps must be taken on a regular basis.

Take two Gelcaps daily for four to six months. Take one Gelcap every morning, preferably with food, and one Gelcap every evening, preferably with food.

Supplementation is often beneficial after only four weeks, but sometimes two to three months or a higher dosage will be required before benefits are felt.

If adequate benefits are not experienced after four to eight weeks, increase your dosage. You may increase to one Gelcap three times a day.

Discontinue Petadolex Gelcaps after you have taken it for four to six months. It will maintain its benefits even after you stop taking it.

Resume Petadolex Gelcaps for another four to six month cycle, when the number of migraines you experience begins to increase.