SunSpot ES - 0.5 OZ by Lane Labs

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  • Extra strength Glycoalkaloid Exfoliant
  • Doctor tested and recommended

SunSpot ES glycoalkaloid exfoliant gel can help. Really help. SunSpot ES contains powerful glycoalkaloids from natural sand brier that help sloughs away the years. At the same time, SunSpot ES softens and rejuvenates the skin with a deep-penetrating combination of aloe vera, tea tree oil, salicylic acid, and menthol.

Just apply a dab of SunSpot ES twice daily; you ll soon be reminded of the beautiful skin you enjoyed years ago.

Doctors recommend it - and use it themselves!

Medical literature has recorded the use of glycoalkaloid-rich plants on the skin since 200 AD. And modern practitioners confirm its effectiveness.

Dr. Margaret Olsen, a dermatologist, tested the gel with a group of her patients. {It} compares favorably to other options in terms of outcome, Dr. Olsen says, but seems to be far superior in terms of cost, convenience for the patient, and most importantly, cosmetic appearance.

Dr. Olsen s patients agree. I can t believe the difference, one wrote.

Dr. Gregory Rauscher, a cosmetic surgeon, first tried the glycoalkaloid topical when a patient asked him about it. It worked so well on his own skin, he started recommending it to patients.

  • Simple and inexpensive

SunSpot ES is easy to use. It's safe, natural and effective giving you no reason to delay, and every reason in the world to do something good for your skin.

Apply SunSpot ES twice daily.

SunSpot™ ES Can Help.

Extra strength Glycoalkaloid Exfoliant
Doctor tested and recommended

Water, Aloe Vera, Propylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, Urea, Carbomer 940, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Glycoalkaloid Extract, Imidazolidinylurea