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Nutrejuva and Bio-Greens by Molecular Biologics maintains similar purity and concentrations.

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Nutrejuva (Whole Superfood Complex)
from ancient cultures and modern times comes a powerful combination of superfoods and herbs formulated to help the body help itself. Nutrejuva combines the latest in bio-nutritional science with traditional knowledge of past cultures.


Spirulina Maxima
Spirulina is a multi-cell, freshwater, blue/green algae. It derives its name from the Latin word for 'spiral'. Spirulina thrives in warm, alkaline (average pH 8.0 to 11.0) bodies of water. It has been consumed by humans in Africa and Central and South America for thousands of years. With regard to nutritional value it is unequaled. Chlorella and Aphanizomenon flos aqua (so called "Super Blue/Green Algae") do not provide as potent a source of basic nutrition, not to mention the spectrum of biologically important pigments that can be found in Spirulina alone.

Spirulina Maxima is dried using a state of the art technology and is grown in the pristine environment of the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile. This insures the preservation of associated enzyme factors and maximum purity. Test results show that Spirulina Maxima is simply the finest and purest available on the market today.

CO Enzyme Q10 "Power Plant of the Cells" (Potensome form)
We are not permitted to tell you how good it really is... But, we can tell you CoQ10 is a most important oxygen catalyst needed in the generation of energy in every one of the body's 100 trillion or so cells. Imagine each cell in your body as a tiny engine which requires fuel (nutrients) and oxygen to burn these organic fuels. Then think of CoQ10 as the part of the engine which acts as the "sparkplug" in this burning of fuels to provide energy for the body. No other substance can fill the cells need for CoQ10 in this role. Without CoQ10 there is no "spark" and therefore no production of energy for the cell and without energy there is no life. We can also point out the important difference between Nutrejuva's Potensome form of CoQ10 and the usual powdered dry forms of CoQ10 currently available in tablets or capsules.

The CoQ10 Potensome is formed through the use of three naturally occurring surface acting agents contained within Nutrejuva. These three important activators are lecithin's phosphatidyl choline, spirulina's tetropyrroles and the enzyme lipase. The resulting Potensome with its lipid envelope surrounding a molecule of CoQ10 is somewhat like the liposomes used in the cosmetics industry to enhance absorption through (epithelial) skin tissue. The Potensome carrier is similar in structure but is much smaller and is absorbed much more quickly in the stomach. Reaching the microvilli of the intestine the Potensome serves as the transport mechanism which delivers fat soluble CoQ10 through what is termed the unstirred water layer which borders the microvilli of the small intestine. Potensomes containing CoQ10 release their nutrient content directly into lymphatic or portal vein circulation. The Potensome containing CoQ10 delivers up to four times more CoQ10 molecules to the energy centers of the body.

Vegetable Culture Enzymes (amylase, lipase, protease, cellulase)
All of Nutrejuva's superfood ingredients are sources of living enzymes and are processed using only those drying methods which preserve associated enzyme factors. The importance of digestive enzymes have been well understood, but often overlooked is the fact that enzymes are at work in every organ, tissue, and fluid of the body and mediate every biochemical reaction. Years of research reveal that enzymes not only facilitate the important biochemical activities of the body, but actually play a role in maintaining energy flow through the entire system. When combined with the proper essential vitamins, minerals and herbs, vegetable sources of living enzymes give the body the means to "cash in" on the nutrients supplied in Nutrejuva.

Pfaffia Paniculata (aka, Brazilian ginseng, or suma)
Pfaffia Paniculata is a Brazilian adaptogenic herb that contains harmonic properties. Pfaffia contains the enzymes taurine, asparagine, and the hormone beta-ecdysone. The first two enzymes are important in the conversion of protein and carbohydrates into ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Pfaffia is highly synergistic with spirulina, milk thistle, CoQ10, lecithin, and TransFer-98. Like the true ginseng, Pfaffia is believed to help the body to adapt to a new homeostasis in which reactions are not forced, but rather triggered into effect as needed. Unlike the true ginseng, Pfaffia may be used over a prolonged period of time without losing its health promoting qualities or causing over stimulation.

Astragalus Membranaceous
Chinese Medica states that Astragalus is used to tonify the protective energy (Wei Ch'i) which circulates just under the skin. Modern day research shows Astragalus to be a potent response-modifier of the human immune system. Astragalus contains high molecular weight polysaccharide fractions. Astragalus has been used for thousands of years in every Chinese formulation of any importance. Only the highest quality Astragalus is used. Astragalus is one of the more expensive Chinese tonic herbs, ranking with ginseng in demand by those "in the know".

Super Oxide Dismutase / Catalase (vegetable culture enzymes)
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is natures first line of defense against the ubiquitous hydroxyl free radical. SOD converts the superoxide anion to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Catalase (Cat) then further reduces H2O2 to oxygen and water. To have any hope of being effectively utilized at the cellular level, oral sources of SOD/Cat must be enteric coated to insure these enzymes remain undamaged by the acidic environment of the stomach. Nutrejuva's vegetable culture source of SOD/Cat is more resistant to the extremes of pH (i.e. acid), temperature, and ionic strength in the human stomach than the typical animal sources of SOD/Cat. Nutrejuva's unique vegetable culture source of SOD/Cat contains plant lipids and carbohydrates which coat plant SOD (itself a hydrophilic protein). This culture protects SOD/Cat from destruction in the intestinal tract as well as facilitating binding to intestinal epithelial (absorptive) cells. A dynamic synergism exists between SOD/Cat and CoEnzyme Q10 in that adequate SOD/Cat spares CoQ10 from being expended as an antioxidant in the mitochondria of the cell, leaving CoQ10 to its most valued and primary role as the body's bioenergy enzyme.

High Pectin Apple Fiber
Apple fiber is well appreciated for its wonderful soluble and non-soluble fibers. Acting to slow the passage of Nutrejuva through the gastrointestinal tract, apple fiber further ensures complete absorption of the central ingredients of the formula. It displays synergistic action with Spirulinas pigments in helping the body in the elimination of toxins.

Soya Lecithin (98% phosphatides)
Lecithin is one of three surface acting agents used to enhance absorption of CoEnzyme Q10 and other fat soluble nutrients in Nutrejuva. Lecithin has long been known as an acetylcholine precursor, and as such represents an important component of brain chemistry.

European Milk Thistle (80% standardized extract)
Milk thistle is a powerful herb that promotes healthy liver functions and contains the active ingredient silymarin. Milk thistle exhibits the ability to fight liver damaging free radicals and has been shown to be an antidote for deadly toxins as virulent as those found in the death cap amanita mushroom. Milk thistle is a safe and natural way to help the liver overcome exposure to polluted city environments. The benefits of milk thistle have been the focus of numerous clinical studies. Milk thistle is a pivotal ingredient in Nutrejuva, synergistically working with TransFer-98 (transferulic acid), Spirulina, Pfaffia Paniculata and CoEnzyme Q10 to provide the liver with super energy building components.

Pyroglutamate is an amino acid commonly occurring in fruits and vegetables and is said to be a natural flavor enhancer in these sources. This amino is found in high quantities in the human brain, cerebrospinal fluid and blood. It is a rare amino that crosses the blood brain barrier shortly after ingestion. Pyroglutamate has been the focus of several interesting human studies. Many have found that adding small amounts of Pyroglutamate to their daily diet helps them to feel focused and clear.

Royal Jelly
We use only the highest quality with a guaranteed 5.8% 10 hydroxy-2-decenoic acid content (the active measurable component of royal jelly). Nutrejuva's royal jelly is freeze-dried to insure maximum potency. Royal jelly is well known to be the difference which brings about the extended life span and reproductive capabilities of the queen bee.

TransFer 98 (transferulic acid)
In 1989 millions of athletes and fitness enthusiasts enjoyed the benefits of Gamma Oryzanol, the secret power/performance nutrient found within rice bran. But in 1990 it was recognized that the beneficial effect of gamma oryzanol was due to its ferulic acid content, and a breakthrough discovery produced a vastly superior product. The new product, TransFer-98, is 30 times more potent than the original Gamma Oryzanol. TransFer-98 has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant of lipids when taken orally. The actions of trans ferulic acid on endocrine organs appears to be mediated through the nervous system by virtue of increasing norepinephrine and dopamine levels, therefore reducing stress.

Stevia Rebaudiana is an herb native to the forests of the Amazon region, although it is cultivated now in China to a great extent. Stevia has a long history of safe usage, having been used as a sweetener by the natives of South America for several hundred years. In South America and more recently in Japan it is used to sweeten soft drinks, candies, soups, baked goods and a variety of other products.

Scientific reports establishing the safety of Stevia have been available since 1931, with various toxicity tests having been performed. These tests indicate that Stevia is nontoxic, does not cause birth defects, does not cause tumors, does not promote tooth decay, and is devoid of contraceptic activity.

As an addition to the Nutrejuva formula, Stevia is a source of readily useable glycosides which do not require insulin for their utilization as an energy unit at the cellular level.

Detail Ingredients: Per 14.18 grams (approximately 2 tablespoons):

Kona Hawaiian Spirulina 6.6 g
Soya Lecithin (min 98% phosphatides) 2000 mg
Pfaffia Paniculata (Brazilian ginseng) 1000 mg
Astragalus Membranaceous 1000 mg
High Pectin Apple Fiber 1000 mg
Super Oxide Dismutase (enteric coated) 1500 UNITS
Catalase (enteric coated) 1500 UNITS
Freeze Dried Royal Jelly (5.8% HDA) 825 mg
Pyroglutamate 500 mg
Calcium Ascorbate 500 mg
Stevia Rebaudiana 150 mg
European Milk Thistle Extract (80%) 140 mg
Transfeuric Acid 50 mg
CoEnzyme Q10 (potensome form) 30 mg
Vegetable Culture Enzymes
protease, 44,896 NPU
amylase, 15,680 NAU
lipase, 13,680 NLU
cellulase, 186 NCU