Lady Passion - 2 OZ by BioRay

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Lady Passion by Bioray can be used regularly at the recommended dosage or at three times the normal dosage just before an important event you might like to enhance. A supreme yang tonic tea which heightens sensitivity throughout lovemaking.

A supreme yang tonic tea which heightens sensitivity throughout lovemaking.

This original tonic has been found to quickly nourish and enliven the libido and greatly strengthen energy. As it boosts the feminine, it is recommended for women, however it may be used to enhance the receptive aspect in men.

Tang kuei, rehmania, longan, lycium, schizandra, poria, astragalus seed, achyranthes, cistanche, cinnamon, cnidium, deer antler, peony dendrobium, codonopsis, ligusticum wallachi, cyprus, citrus peel, cordyceps, licorice and 20% alcohol.

1-3 full droppers in hot water or juice 3 times a day or as desired. Regular use produces a more powerful effect. Intense lovers: 3-9 full droppers of Loving Energy morning and noon, and 3-9 full droppers of Lady Passion at night.

Lady Passion is a Traditional Chinese Kidney Yang Tonic for women. Useful for endocrine regulation and support, Lady Passion has pro-labido effects at higher, “warming the lower burner”. It is also used to support a healthy immune and adrenal system at times of high stress. Lady Passion is a fiery tonic good to use when signs of depletion are present, resulting in cold hands and feet, or low back pain. This formula can also be combined with Red Rooster to balance and restore healthy hormone levels. Take with Loving Energy, a Kidney Yin tonic, to balance Yin and Yang energies. Much like the log provides fuel to the fire, Loving Energy provides substance to the body to support and strengthen the effects of Lady Passion. It is necessary to first rebuild the Yin energy so that the Yang energy can burn long and bright.

Certified organic and wild crafted gardenia, piper wallachi, polygala, tang kuei (whole), rehmania, longan, lyceum, schizandra, bupleurum, poria, astragalus seed, achyranthes, eclipta, cortex cinnamon, ligustrum, elk antler, peony, polygala odorata, codonopsis, ligusticum wallachi, cyprus, citrus peel, albizzia bark, damiana, cordyceps, and licorice.