Profile - Y-Snore

Who Snores?

Today in America, an estimated 90 million people snore. By age 35, 25% of all men, and 5% of all women will snore. By the age of 60, these numbers will increase to 60% of all men, and 40% of all women will snore.

What Causes Snoring?

The most common cause of snoring results from fatty tissue which narrows the nasal airway. This causes you to breathe through the mouth. As the muscle tone of the soft palate weakens, breathing then becomes noisy as the soft palate vibrates.

How does Y-snore work?

Y-snore works by increasing the air flow through the nasal valves, relieving congestion and improving breathing, Y-snore treats the cause of snoring, not the effect.

What negative health effects can snoring have?

Medical research indicates that snoring causes decreased memory, extreme daytime fatigue, irritability, and poor concentration. One study even suggests that people who snore are more prone to be involved in automobile accidents.

Are there serious illnesses from snoring?

Snoring ultimately affects your oxygen intake during sleep time. This lack of oxygen is believed to be the cause of more serious problems that develop over time. Some of these illnesses are hypertension, vascular disease, and chronic headaches. Studies now indicate that snoring can contribute to memory loss.

What are some common causes of snoring?

There are many causes for snoring. Some are believed to be drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. People that are overweight also tend to snore more than those who aren't. Eating large meals can also cause snoring. Additionally, age is a contributing factor, so as the population ages, there is a heightened demand for anti-snoring remedies.

What can I do to stop snoring?

Today there are hundreds of remedies to choose from. Everything from nasal dilators, tongue retainers, contoured pillows, jaw positioners, and even nose strips as well as costly surgery. Many of these solutions have several things in common. They are uncomfortable, expensive and unproven. For the first time people who suffer from snoring have an all natural homeopathic clinically proven alternative - Y-snore.

What's are Y-snore's active ingredients?

Y-snore is a patented all natural product made from the extracts of ginger root and yam.

Will Y-snore work for me?

Clinical trials at Stanford University proved that 65% of those tested either completely curtailed or greatly diminished their snoring. Y-snore even worked on the Guinness Book of World Records' loudest snorer. Y-snore allowed Mel Switzer (the World's Loudest Snorer) to get a quiet night's sleep for the first time in years. Most people who have tried Y-snore report significant results immediately; in fact, our all natural remedy, which is ingested like a regular nasal spray, will have you and anyone who may sleep near you shouting its praises.