Profile - TriMedica

Founded in 1993, TriMedica International Inc. is a unique natural supplement manufacturer that focuses on delivering unique, innovative, high quality natural health products throughout the world. TriMedica's team of professionals is dedicated to providing the public with extraordinary, high-quality health products and information that reflect the company's belief in the profound benefits that can be realized when people embrace a natural health lifestyle. Each product in the TriMedica line represents careful in-depth research and painstaking quality control. Our products are continuously tested and retested for quality assurance, and frequently greatly exceed the industry's highest expectations and standards.

At TriMedica we focus on bioavailability as a key feature of our products, offering easily assimilable liquid and capsule mediums that provide the highest ratios of maximum absorption and potency, rather than excipient-filled tablets, which limit both absorption and effectiveness. TriMedica's 54,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Tempe, Arizona utilizes strict GMP manufacturing guidelines, quality control testing and state of the art manufacturing equipment to produce high quality, safe and effective natural health products.