Profile - Lane Labs

Founded in 1994, LaneLabs is an innovative company that supplies unique and proprietary natural products backed by extensive research. Our products significantly enhance the quality of human life and our collective mission is simple: to identify and produce advanced natural compounds whose efficacy is supported by rigorous science.

Medical Centers continue to conduct studies that prove the health benefits of natural compounds, and some of the most exciting findings involve products from LaneLabs.

Because of our reputation as a innovator in the natural health industry, LaneLabs, and its products, have often been featured in magazine articles and television reports. What makes these products so exceptional? Each one employs breakthrough technology or formulations to unlock the compound's full potency and purity. Many have been subjected to carefully controlled studies.

We are proud to offer innovative products that outperform our competition, both natural and synthetic. Noted researchers around the world have consistently hailed LaneLabs' products as natural breakthroughs. LaneLabs sources technologies from around the globe, from North America to Australia, Japan to Malaysia to Latin America.

Cutting edge research, breakthrough natural products, plus a genuine commitment to customer education are the hallmarks of the LaneLabs family.