Profile - Karuna

Since 1981, Karuna has earned the loyalty of thousands of holistic medical professionals and doctors who expect and deserve products and services that exceed conventional standards. Karuna creates the best products possible, utilizing research-validated ingredients of verified freshness, purity and potency. Although we have a lower profile than some companies, Karuna's philosophy and approach are preferred by a large and growing number of alternative and complementary practitioners who continually choose Karuna products for a greater share of their therapeutic nutritional needs.

Our Appreciation For You, Our Customer

The name Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning "the embodiment of compassionate activity." It's a daily reminder that our work assists you in promoting the healing and wellness of your patients. We are sincerely honored to earn our living within a dedicated community of compassionate health care practitioners that makes such a significant positive difference in our world.

Vegetarian Capsules and Organic Ingredients

Most of the encapsulated products we offer are now provided to you in vegetarian capsules. Traditional gelatin capsules are used to encapsulate formulations containing non-vegetarian ingredients. We appreciate the support for this positive evolution from so many of our Customers committed to purity and hypoallergenicity. After careful testing, we have selected the strongest and most reliable vegetarian-source capsules.

An increasing share of the Karuna product line benefits from the presence of organic and wildcrafted ingredients. We utilize organic herbals and botanicals whenever realistically possible, balancing patient affordability with the availability and assay-verified potency of organic choices. As feasibility expands over time, Karuna will continue to source organic ingredients for existing and new formulations.