Profile - Intensive Nutrition

For almost 40 years and spanning two family generations, Intensive Nutrition® has brought the CAM community nutritional excellence. Intensive Nutrition® is proud to continue to provide exceptional products and thanks you, our valued customers, for our success. To those that are new to us, let us welcome you to the Intensive Nutrition® family. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you may have.

Intensive Nutrition Inc.® was founded in 1968 as Scientific Consulting Service, by Dr. Bela Balogh (PhD, Biochemist). Initially, Dr. Balogh consulted oncologists and other health professionals on nutrition, and helped develop nutritional programs for patients. His consulting led to full-scale product development, and soon thereafter, the development of the Intensive Nutrition® line and a company name change.

Intensive Nutrition® Inc. continues the SCS tradition of customer education, and, as its name suggests, focuses on the manufacture of scientifically backed, vigorously researched dietary supplements that are unique in their composition and efficacy. It is particularly important to manufacture products that work with the body's biochemical processes, and as a consequence of our commitment to this goal, Intensive Nutrition® supplements exhibit the highest bioavailability.

Intensive Nutrition® focuses on high quality, bioavailability (efficacy), customer education and superior customer service.