Profile - Health From The Sun

Health From The Sun began in Massachusetts in the late 1970s as a family business. Prompted by an appreciation and understanding of the healthypromoting potential of plants, the Kulow family saw an opportunity to introduce something new and different to the market something beyond what American consumers could find at their local health food stores. The Kulows initially found a niche distributing some of Europe's finest natural health products to retailers in the U.S. The family quickly earned their customers' loyalty by offering unique products and health and wellness education.

Health From The Sun's selection of European specialty products was an instant hit. Retailer advocacy for the brand flourished as customers began to recognize Health From The Sun as a trusted source of natural health products and information. Little did the Kulows know, however, that their enthusiasm for natural health would lead to the development of the fastest growing category in the natural products market!

As compelling studies on essential fatty acids (EFAs) began to emerge in the late 70s and early 80s, Health From The Sun saw the tremendous potential of EFAs to benefit consumers and grow the business. Anticipating the demand for high quality EFA supplements, Health From The Sun introduced the first Evening Primrose Oil soft gels to the market in 1981. Over the next few years, Health From The Sun introduced flaxseed oil, borage oil and black currant oil to its product line, establishing itself as the premier brand of EFAs in the health food industry.

In the mid 80s, Health From The Sun developed a twostep approach to superior EFA quality and variety. The first step emphasized the full EFA spectrum, which includes omega3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. The second step maximized involvement at the source of the products the Canadian prairies where the omegarich seeds were grown. As Health From The Sun put down roots in Canada, explored new sources of EFAs, partnered with GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified facilities and focused on science and clinical research, the company blossomed from a small family business to a recognized leader in the natural products industry.

Afterwards, Health From The Sun grew and continued to take confident steps in the industry. HFTS cultivated relationships with local organic farmers, which allowed them to offer oils from seeds grown to stringent specifications. The Kulows planted their company firmly on the cutting edge of product development, using the most advanced and environmentally friendly technologies for extracting seed oils. In 1992, using a coldexpeller pressing process, Health From The Sun became the first company to offer hexanefree evening primrose oil. Seed traceability also became possible, meaning that any bottle of Health From The Sun flax oil could be traced back to the farm on which the seeds were grown, exhibiting the purity of the product and the meticulous care that Health From The Sun took - and still takes - in each step of production.

At the height of its innovation and sales, Health From The Sun caught the attention of Arkopharma, Europe's largest manufacturer of natural nutritional supplements. The Kulows sold their brand to Arkopharma in 1999, and Arkopharma's vast product line and scientific staff brought new expertise to Health From The Sun. More importantly, the purchase allowed Health From The Sun to further realize its goal of offering the world's finest, most extensive range of specialty phytonutrients.

Over the years, Health From The Sun's line of EFA products expanded to include a comprehensive range of organic milled flaxseed products and various concentrations of fish oils. Health From The Sun proudly introduced the first ever multiEFA, The Total EFA™, in 1996; the first line of vegetarian seed oils in vegetarian capsules in 1999; and the first full line of naturally fruitflavored fish oils in fish gelatin capsules in 2005.

Health From The Sun's pioneering steps prompted plenty of imitation. Today, our response to these "metoo" competitor products is continued innovation. At Health From The Sun, we distinguish ourselves by our passion for developing new and effective natural health solutions. We are dedicated to truth in labeling and honest product claims. We also offer certificates of analysis on any of our products on request, demonstrating our quality, potency and thirdparty testing. We encourage consumers to educate themselves about industry labeling practices so they can make a fair, informed assessment when comparing our products to others.

Educating our customers and considering their feedback is as important to us today as it was in the beginning. Though Health From The Sun is no longer a small, familyowned business, it is part of the Nutraceutical Family of Brands™. As part of the Nutraceutical family, Health From the Sun is now even better suited to serve the needs of our valued customers, who can rely on our support, our quality standards and our commitment to health.

Health From The Sun has grown tremendously over the past three decades, but we remain true to our roots. We are firmly committed to the health food retailer and consumer, putting quality first and maintaining our passion for nature and its healthy gifts from the sun.