Profile - Germstar

Binderbauer Pharmaceuticals was formed in the late nineties to develop, manufacture and market an innovative touchless sanitation system and ancillary products based on technology developed and patented by the Company's founders, Mr. Horst Binderbauer and Dr. Michl Binderbauer. The Company's Germstar® touchless dispensing system eliminates cross infection. The proprietary solution, Germstar®, is formulated to provide surgical-quality hand sanitation with no sticky residue, leaving a fresh scent.

In all areas of life, when people touch surfaces, there is a danger of cross infection, which is the technical term describing the transfer of bacteria from one host to another recipient. Cross infection is particularly common after using restroom facilities, especially from traditional manual washroom equipment that has been touched by countless previous users. A square-inch of surface on the lever of a typical soap dispenser can easily host more than million bacteria, defeating the desired effect of washing and sanitizing the hands. With the touchless sanitation system developed by the Company, such cross infection is eliminated. Many people are aware and fearful of the danger of cross infection and, as a result, either consciously or subconsciously, avoid the importance of washing their hands after using the restroom. The touchless system and proprietary hospital strength sanitizers developed by the Company alleviate such fears, with the result of more frequent hand sanitizing and, therefore, fewer transmitted infections.