Profile - BioRay

BioRay, Inc. utilizes the extraordinary balance of nature and science to create whole food supplements that support health, vitality and our environment. BioRay products were created in clinic and are manufactured by integrating clinically tested ingredients with proprietary methods. Committed to quality and maintaining the integrity of each formula, BioRay blends its products in small, personally attended batches.

In 1990 Stephanie Ray and Dr. Timothy Ray, OMD, L.Ac., ran a very successful clinical practice in Santa Monica, Ca. They produced unique and extremely effective all-natural formulas for their patients. As word traveled and the practice grew, new patients were curious and existing patients regained their health. The clinic received much praise for the formulas they created and prescribed. In 1991 BioRay's original Red Rooster, Lady Passion, and Loving Energy formulas were part of an informal study on couples. The outstanding results were reported in the Sunday London Times, New Women Magazine and FHM (For Him Magazine). This was the tipping point.

BioRay recognized the demand for their formulas beyond the clinic walls and made BioRay products available to practitioners and patients world wide. With over seventy original formulas developed in clinic by Dr. Ray, nine are currently available to the public. These formulas are specialized for conditions related to environmental illnesses as well as working synergistically to strengthen and revitalize the entire body.

BioRay uses the highest quality certified organic ingredients and incorporate advanced technology into a proprietary process, insuring optimal assimilation of the formulas. BioRay's products have been expertly formulated, tested and used by patients and their doctors for over 17 years. We are dedicated to environmental and social responsibility on every level. "We conduct research, provide support and educate our customers based upon the philosophy that we all live downstream. It is our desire to inspire you with our formulas and create vitality for your life."
-Stephanie Ray
CEO, BioRay, Inc.