Detoxification and Cleansing

Detoxification BookletDetoxification Booklet

Detox and cleansing is one of the most important functions that the human body performs. It is also one of the most difficult and most uncomfortable things for the body to endure. When most people decide to detox their body it is usually because they are sick and are having a problem recovering from a long term chronic illness. They are trying to clean out years of built up toxins in all areas of the body. These areas include organ, glandular, blood, tissue and cellular. The most dangerous known substance are classified as Neurotoxins. A Neurotoxin can be any substance that invades our nervous system and interrupts communication throughout the entire body. The most common Neurotoxin used in many food products as a sweetener is Aspartame.

There are many parts of the body that handle detoxification. The most common areas are the liver, lungs, kidneys, colon and skin. The liver is always one of the most important places to look during any detox or illness. Being the largest internal organ of the body it has well over 500 known functions and is first in line with any chemical, food, drug, vitamin substance taken orally. The liver try's to stop any undesirable chemical or toxins from entering the blood. When it becomes overwhelmed or fails we are diagnosed with a condition called blood poisoning. One of the ways the body tries to correct this problem is by vomiting or creating diarrhea. The worst thing a person can do is stop these autonomic nervous system functions. The body knows how to deal with most simple toxins if we allow it to perform its job.

The lungs try to eliminate airborne toxins by removing them on every exhale. The lungs, over our life time, become scarred and tarnished by airborne toxins, including carbon monoxide and other petrochemicals. The ideal way to breathe in and out is through your nose. The nose has built in filtration systems that prevent airborne particles from entering our system. Vitamin C and Lung Formulas have been shown to improve lung function.

The kidneys work with the liver to excrete toxins that are water soluble and can pass through the kidneys. Such toxins may be heavy metals and bacteria, such as E. Coli, which cause most urinary infections.

The colon speaks for itself. It eliminates all known toxins and most substances that are not digestable or absorbable by the small intestines. Most people with digestion problems also have difficultly in elimination. Constipation is considered when there are less than 2 bowel movements a day. Constipation is one of the most important things to correct before starting any detoxification program. Many forms of constipation come from a poor diet, lack of enzymes, sluggish liver or simply not taking the time to relax on the toilet twice daily.

The skin is the largest cleansing organ of the body. This organ seem to reveal advanced internal problems as a sign that something is wrong. Many skin rashes can be a result of bacteria that the body is eliminating through the skin. Acne for example is a bacteria problem in the blood stream. One of the jobs of the liver is to keep the blood stream clear of excessive bacteria. When it fails, bacteria may find their way to the skin and be eliminated in this way.

Neurotoxins are one of our largest concerns. We believe they are the cause of some of the most serious diseases, including cancer. Toxins that will disconnect or paralyze the nervous system are capable of turning off communication between the brain and the body. The practitioners of Healing*Edge Sciences will be spending many hours of research to find answers to neurotoxin concerns. We recommend detoxification with homeopathic products to cleanse the body naturally and effectively.

The liver removes fatty acids from diet and from deposits on the body, by degrading and oxidizing them when the body must call on fat as a major energy source.

Lipotropic factors, such as those found in Hepata*Trope must be active to prevent abnormal accumulation of fats in the liver. By a process of transmethylation, these lipotropic agents promote the production of lipoproteins, which transfer the fatty acids out of the liver (2).

Hormone conjugation also occurs in the liver. By keeping the liver healthy, Hepata*Trope aids in this reaction. Estrogen can be carcinogenic if it is not conjugated. Calcium, protein, mineral, and fat metabolism are all regulated by components of conjugated estrogen. An unhealthy, fatty or cirrhotic liver cannot perform these functions efficiently. HepataTrope is targeted to lipid metabolism and liver function.

BHI Heel's Detox Kit eliminates toxins, stimulates cleansing processes, and encourages the nonspecific immune system response. This kit combines three carefully formulated homeopathic formulas to relieve symptoms of illness caused by an unhealthy life-style (substance abuse, unbalanced diet and/or exposure to environmental toxins pollution, pesticides, allergen, etc.). The kit works by stimulating the body's natural processes of elimination to cleanse itself of poisons, which can build up over time and negatively affect the immune system. The Detox Kit is made up 3 formulations: Lymphomyosot, Nux Vomica Homaccord and Berberis-Homaccord.

All in One Step is a complete body cleanse product that provides antioxidants, anti-aging factprs, weight loss support, immune support, and intestinal health enhancers. The cleansing, healing One Step™ formula is a totally new nutritional supplement beverage mix. Other metabolic cleansing/support products on the market are based on ten-year-old nutritional data. Some of these products boast that their formulas are patented; however, since the patent process takes years to achieve through the U.S. Patent Office, the research upon which they are based is now outdated. Patent protection is lost if the formulas are changed. Nutritional research and technology has advanced dramatically in the past ten years. The One Step™ formula is based on the most current nutritional research and will be updated as dictated by new and viable clinical research. Therapeutic quantities of all essential vitamins and minerals plus an array of accessory nutrients make One Step™ the most comprehensive nutritional supplement beverage mix available.

CleanseSMART is an all natural, two part system formulated with the most effective herbs for detoxification and cleansing. Concentrated, therapeutic doses of herbs means you don't have to take dozens of pills every day and it costs you less. Capsules guarantee rapid release in the body and they're easier to swallow. Supports all of the five channels of elimination (liver, skin, kidneys, lungs, and bowel.)

Intestinalis (Intestinal Detox) is antiparasitic product that attacks invading protoza, including entameba histolytica and giardia lamblia helminths - round worms and flat worms. It also possesses antifungal actions that help eliminate yeast (Candida) Dermatophytes Fungi. Intestinalis serves as an antibacterial supplement that targets strains of salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus, pseudomonas (common causes of the Touristas). Intestinalis relieves accompanying gastrointestinal symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, indigestion, acidity, malabsorption, gas, distention, abdominal discomfort, - spasm, bloating, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea and or constipation, varied stool formation, and anal irritation.

Extox II. (Metal Chemicals and Drug Detox) Generally, chemical and heavy metal intoxication results in a multiplicity of problems, such as hair loss, loss of weight and muscle tone, nervous irritability, disorientation, suicidal tendency, colic, constipation, pallor, and abdominal pain, to name only a few. Consequently, specific conditions will not be listed. One must detoxify the patient using a tested method. Detox and support helps the body detox from chemicals, metals, pesticides, and other environmental toxins. It also helps to restore beneficial bacteria of the digestive tract and colon and helps to regulate elimination. Health Tip: To aid digestion and elimination, eat some raw (uncooked) food at every meal. This product has been designed to detoxify the body, as well as to promote and support the natural function of the gastrointestinal tract.

NDF and NDF PLUS (Natural Detox Factors™) is a heavy metal, chemical, endotoxin, radiation detox and immune system support supplement. Independent laboratory and clinical findings tell the truth safe elimination of up to 920% more metals per month than with DMPS. Mobilized metals (80%) are quickly eliminated via the next urine following the dose. Decreased risk of enzyme and leaky gut mediated resorption through the bowel. Crosses the blood-brain barrier within 5-113 minutes. EEG: Beneficial effect on the electrical activity of the brain (raises the beta waves for up to 4 hours). Causes the elimination of all identified toxic heavy metals. 38.4% average decrease in fecal metals following 5 days at maximum dose. No reported side effects from using NDF.

Pure Synergy is supported by 25 years of research and use, as it remains the standard by which all other green superfood formulas are measured. Based on the original Kirlian research of Dr. Mitchell May and his colleagues at UCLA Medical Center, Pure Synergy s unique and comprehensive formula captures a multitude of valuable phytonutrients, including lutein, enzymes, chlorophyll, carotenes, beta glucans, iodine, alginates, ellagic acid, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, quercetin, RNA/DNA, sulforaphane, phycocyanins, GLA, SOD, sitosterols, and zeaxanthin, from some of natures most vitalizing and nutrient - rich herbs, algae, grass juices and other foods. These special raw foods provide you with powerful support at the most fundamental levels, and the results can be remarkable! When you receive the deep nourishment necessary to function optimally, your body is able to naturally detoxify, regenerate and sustain abundant physical and mental energy throughout your busy days.

Whole Body Cleanse
Serving Size: 3 tablets

Each Serving Contains: Calories 1, Total Carbohydrates 2 g, Dietary Fiber 2 g, Calcium 230 mg, Proprietary Blend 1944 mg.

Contains: Burdock Root -- Barberry Bark -- Peppermint Leaf -- Sarsaparilla -- Gentian Root -- Chickweed -- Yarrow -- Fenugreek -- Mullein Herb -- Bupleurum -- Dandelion Root -- Ginger Root -- Irish Moss -- Licorice Root -- Milk Thistle -- Yellow Dock -- Safflower Herb -- Echinacea -- Peach Leaves -- Slippery Elm -- Capsicum.

Colon Program
Each Serving Contains: Calories 6, Total Carbohydrates 2.5 g, Dietary Fiber 2.5 g, Calcium 267 mg, Proprietary Blend 835.

Contains: Psyllium Seed -- Fennel Seed -- Cascara Sagrada -- Buckthorn Bark -- Licorice Root -- Rhubarb Root -- Ginger -- Golden Seal Other ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Gum Acacia, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Croscarmellose Sodium and Modified Cellulose.