Profile - Progressive Laboratories

Three Decades of Commitment

A family owned and operated business since 1972; Progressive Laboratories has been providing the finest quality products available for targeted nutrition in therapeutic potencies. Serving an ever-increasing community of discerning consumers, Progressive has continued to grow through referrals from satisfied doctors and their patients. Today our reach has expanded to over 25,000 customers.

For Practitioners and Patients

Progressive Labs manufactures professional-grade nutraceuticals including: vitamins, herbals, and natural dietary supplements exclusively for health care professionals and their patients.

Trusted Products

The Progressive name has become synonymous with dependability, having earned a well-deserved reputation for reliable results and high standards of product performance. This level of trustworthiness and commitment to excellence is reflected throughout our extensive product line. We produce over 250 proprietary products in-house, all representing our fundamental core philosophy that nature works in synergy and that ingredients should reflect optimal co-nutrients and catalysts for maximum benefit.

We also distribute a select group of top brands whose formulas have demonstrated the ability to meet the same high standards we hold ourselves to. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Compliant.

Progressive Laboratories is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and licensed by the Texas Department of Health. Subject to regular and rigorous inspections by regulatory agencies, we meet or exceed all federal and state regulations for GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices), sanitation and Quality Assurance. We subject all in-coming raw materials, and all finished goods to strict quality and potency testing to assure the highest grade product reaches the hands of our customers. This level of effort is in excess of the requirements of the FDA GMPs. We also contract independent regulatory compliance audits, and have many of our finished goods independently tested by outside laboratories. Again, this is in excess of FDA requirements. We take pride in our quality and continue to improve our practices and procedures in a continuing effort to maintain the highest quality products available that are second-to-none.

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities in the Las Colinas subdivision of Irving, Texas are set within one of the country's premier high-tech industrial developments in suburban Dallas. Our two facilities offer almost 80,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehousing space allowing us to best utilize our state-of-the-art, high speed mixing, encapsulation, tabletting and powder filling lines. We continue to expand our services by offering new and unique packaging options.

Technical Leadership

Progressive Laboratories is not content to sit on our past successes and maintain a stagnant product line. We keep abreast of the latest clinical research as it applies to new product development and product enhancement. We continually work with raw material suppliers to develop and evaluate new raw materials and new and more efficient delivery technologies that can either enhance an existing product, or allow us to offer a new, more efficient solution to a health need. Progressive Labs remains on the cutting edge and responsive to new developments. Progressive Labs continues to advance by incorporating the newest scientific discoveries, together with the proven remedies of past generations and natural healers.

Potency and Results

Self-assessment is the mark of a company motivated for self-improvement and with results-oriented goals. We continue to seek customer input and ideas on ways to improve our products and service through customer surveys and focus groups.