-About Healingedge-

You can count on Healing*Edge Sciences to bring the benefits of medical and scientific research in natural healing and anti aging solutions. We offer extraordinary remedies designed to liberate us from the many illnesses which seem to be more prevalent than ever. Our products are focused on the every day body functions that we take for grantite, breathing, digestion, cell growth and repair, detoxification, blood pressure levels, and countless other functions that allow us to live joy filled healthy lives.

Our foundation is based on the works of many well recognized and well respected naturopaths, homeopaths, medical doctors and teachers. Some have studied at the prestigious British Institute of Homeopathy, under the famous Trevor Cook, physician to Queen Elizabeth II. Their work in homeopathy and natural healing remedies has continued through three generations of family work, started over fifty five years ago in Los Angeles, California. Today their professional knowledge of homeopathic remedies and nutritional care has a far reach and profound impact in people throughout the world.

On any given day these professionals are sought by a wide range of people who feel confident that their concerns and conditions are genuinely addressed. Their approach to optimum health is simple... listen to the messages that the body sends. Their passion for research is ongoing and their knowledge and ability to teach what they have learned has literally taken them around the world.

Healing*Edge Sciences on-line, is making use of the best possible Internet technology to allow people to globally access a wide range of products, consultation, guidance, resources and follow-up. The future of this site is to make an impact on health throughout the world. We are dedicated to smarter, healthier world full of promise and vitality.