Profile - Pharmax

Pharmax LLC, a privately owned company, was established in 1998 as a strategic alliance between highly experienced American healthcare professionals and Cultech Limited, the prime nutritional supplement development and manufacturing company in the U.K. Cultech is the market-leading provider of research-driven nutriceuticals to healthcare professionals in U.K and within Europe as a whole.

The development of the Pharmax product range is built upon a bedrock of forward-thinking scientific research. Potential new products and materials are critically evaluated, initially by assessment of independent research findings and then through an intensive in-house research and development program. Finally, some of the products are further evaluated in extensive independent clinical trials.

The Pharmax product range is extremely comprehensive, encompassing nutriceuticals such as vitamins, probiotics, fatty acids, standardized herbal extracts and the latest types of potent antioxidants. The range also includes special combination products, containing nutrients scientifically proven to help certain medical and physiological conditions.

Critically, all the Pharmax products have been developed and manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2000 conditions, an internationally recognized quality standard.

With unrivalled expertise in a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, the Pharmax alliance is totally committed to increasing the awareness of the benefits of nutritional healthcare and to bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and the scientific community.

To this end, Pharmax offers professional advice and technical support to its clients, as well as providing a program of scientific, educational seminars to promote greater understanding of the basis of nutritional therapy.

Written protocols are also available to further assist the healthcare practitioner in the correct and relevant administering of a product, or combination of products, in order to address a variety of specific medical conditions.

It is the belief of the Pharmax alliance that to provide a comprehensive, high quality service to the healthcare professional, all facets of product development and manufacture need to be based on the sound principles of nutritional science. Additionally, the application of these principles needs to be in context of a wider consideration of other complementary and orthodox treatment regimes.