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Founded in 1989, The mission statement of Orange Peel Enterprises, Inc. is to manifest good health and well being for mankind through education and the marketing of the GREENS+ Family of Products. To give a share of profits to humanitarian and environmental organizations that balance a commitment to good health and well being for mankind. GREENS+ is the flagship of our multi-award winning product line and has been the leader in the Green Food Industry for more than 15 years.

What is GREENS+?
It is an award winning, specially formulated nutritional supplement that provides ALL the nutritional substances largely missing from our modern diet. The ingredients, listed below, are obtained from across the world, organically grown where possible, harvested at their peak and never heat treated. All herbs are highest quality, and standardized. Each bottle is nitrogen flushed to prevent oxidation, shrink wrapped and shipped immediately.

Take GREENS+ for Energy and Vitality

GREENS+ is nutrient rich and offers a potent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cell salts, trace minerals essential amino acids and antioxidants. One serving of GREENS+ is equivalent to eating 6 cups of organic vegetables.

Why Take GREENS+?

How To Use GREENS+

How Much GREENS+ To Take Daily

Note: Some individuals may prefer to begin with 1/2 to 1 Tsp of GREENS+ daily for a week, and gradually increase this dosage to 3 level Tsp. This will prevent, or slow down possible symptoms associated with detoxification of the system.

What Benefits Should You Feel, and How Long Will it Take

Each individual will experience different reactions, as their history of health or illness is a very personal thing. Lasting health is not something which is established overnight, and any pill that promises this only removes the symptom, and exacerbates the problem somewhere else. Sickness develops over a long period and is only experienced when the body becomes overwhelmed by the toxins in it.

Your first reaction after some days could be headaches, and lethargy - a sure sign the body is starting to cleanse itself naturally. Reduce the amount of GREENS+ if this occurs until these symptoms of detoxification disappear, as they will.

People are hooked on quick fixes. This is not one of them. Just look at your age, and consider how long it has taken for many of your ailments to develop. And remember, every cell in your body is replaced every seven years. Then look at how many healthy years you can still have ahead of you!

Serving Information:

Each 3 teaspoon serving of GREENS+ contains 8900mg

Soy Lecithin 2,339mg, Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica 1,356mg, High Pectin Apple Fiber 1,350mg, Barley Grass Powder 650mg, Wheat Grass Powder 350mg, Chlorella 350mg, Hydroponic Soy Sprouts 350mg, Brown Rice Bran 350mg, Sprouted Barley Malt 350mg, Alfalfa Grass Powder 300mg, Six Dairy-Free Probiotic Cultures containing: L. Acidophilus ATCC 4356, L. Casei, L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Breve and Longum, Fructo-Oligosaccharides 200mg, Royal Jelly 150mg, Montana Mountain Region Bee Pollen 150mg, Acerola Berry Juice Powder (Malpighia glabra) 115mg, Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol-succinate) 118 I.U., Licorice Root Powder (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 60mg, Red Beet Juice Powder 50mg, Dunaliella Salina 40mg, Nova Scotia Dulse (Palmeria plamata) 20mg

Plus each of the following herbal extracts:

Plus unique botanical extracts:

GREENS+ contains no added MSG, yeast, egg, coloring, alcohol, preservatives, irradiation, flavoring, salt, starch, maltodextrin, gluten (or its polypeptide derivative gliadin), corn, fats, oils, stabilizers, casein or other milk derivatives, kelp, sugar (except naturally-occurring sugars present in the foods themselves). GREENS+ can be taken more than once a day. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of quality water, daily!

Ingredient Details


Organically and Hydroponically Grown Soy Sprouts

Acerola Berry Juice Powder

Ultra Lecithin

Dunaliella Salina

Milk Thistle Extract(Silybum Marianum)

Hawaiin Spirulina

Astragalus Membranaceus

Echinacea Angustifolia Extract

Organically Grown Alfalfa, Barley, Wheat Grass and Red Beet Juice Powder

Royal Jelly 5% 10 - HDA Montana Bee Pollen

Natural Vitamin E

6 Dairy-Free Probiotic Cultures

Nova Scotia Dulse

4 Colon Cleaners

European Bilberry Extract

Green Tea Extract

Licorice Root Extract

Siberian Eleuthero Senticosus Ginseng Extract

Pharmaceutical Grade Ginkgo Biloba Extract