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Why NSC Immunition Glucan Products?

NSC was the first Beta Glucan supplement marketed in the U.S. and is supported by a U.S. Patented Process and U.S. Medical School Research to nutritionally promote significant increases in ingestion, rapidity and potency of immune response and numbers of immune soldiers called to respond to your health challenges. MG Glucan is both micronized and prepared by the U.S. Patented process to maintain more micronized uniform glucan particles through and after the digestive process plus at the time of intake by the various immune cells. You get a faster, broader and more potent immune response. Remember, When You Can't - MG Glu-CAN!

Immune System Enhancer

The goal in health is "Don't get it" or "Get over it!" Your immune response and immune cells in top form are your key to both at all ages, comprising 1/5th of all the cells in your body. M G Beta Glucan is a Nutritional and Natural Immune Cell Potentiator and Modulator that nutritionally amps up your immune cells rapidly and in great numbers. MG Glucan is scientifically defined as a Biological Defense Modifier uniquely extracted as an isolate by a U.S. Patented process to deliver enhanced potency exclusive to NSC Immunition Products.

Safety and Efficay

FDA classified as GRAS (a safe food source) with no adverse side effects or negative interactions with prescription pharmaceuticals known to date (check with your personal health care professional or pharmacist). Nutritionally safe for all ages, genders and nationalities.


Macrophages and other immune cells in the brain, lungs, skin, mucous membranes, intestinal tract, liver and more have special receptors for Beta Glucan, although Beta Glucan is not made naturally by the body. U.S. Patented MG Glucan is two to ten times more Potent than competitor glucans and is taken orally with no prescription.

Fast Acting

U.S. Patented MG Glucan is U.S. Medical School Researched and processed to be micronized (extremely small) and disaggregated (won't clump back to a larger size during digestion) to be ingested faster and more completely by more immune cells to nutritionally promote a fast and potent immune response to pathogens seeking to harm your health.

Amount to Take

Suggested are 3 to 10 mg a day of MG Glucan to activate the white immune cells and in turn the entire immune cascade based on U.S. Medical School Research on the uniquely processed MG Glucan in the Immunition Products (an amount much less than competitors due to greater potency). Suggested amounts to take are listed on labels of individual products. Beta glucan does not accumulate or build up in the body and excesses will be eliminated.

Why Needed?

20 trillion of 100 trillion cells in your body are immune cells to protect you from what would harm and age you and 15+ trillion of those cells have Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan receptors - MG Beta Glucan's form - even though your body does not produce Beta Glucan! Why? Because from macrophages to neutrophils, your immune response needs Beta Glucan to nutritionally stay at peak. Immune cells are like soldiers that must be nourished, kept alert, armed and able to fight in great numbers. MG Glucan nutritionally potentiates and modulates your immune army fast to naturally and safely battle what seeks to harm you.