Profile - New Chapter

New Chapter was founded in 1982 by Paul and Barbi Schulick out of a passion to promote health through innovative botanical formulations made with 100% real foods and herbs. Mother Nature is a powerful healing force, and our humble mission is to Deliver the Wisdom of Nature to all people interested in natural wellness. We moved to Brattleboro, Vermont in 1986 and began preparing herbal remedies in the back room of a small redwood saltbox nestled high in the Brattleboro hills -- a house founders Paul and Barbi Schulick still live in today.

New Chapter has become a certified organic manufacturer of dietary supplements, and still we make our home in Brattleboro, Vermont. Our innovative formulations are praised by healthcare practitioners worldwide, and many of our products are the subject of promising human clinical and basic research at institutions such as Columbia University, The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Distinguished scientists from the fields of clinical medicine, ethnobotany, naturopathy, and biochemistry support our mission through our Scientific Advisory Board.

Our products are known for their purity, efficacy and ingenuity, and we enjoy a celebrated reputation as one of the finest supplement companies in the world. We are industry pioneers in cultured whole-food vitamins and minerals, which make our probiotic nutrients a superior alternative to the synthetic isolates of most vitamin brands. New Chapter carries the distinction of being the supplement industry's first manufacturer to produce vitamins and minerals certified to be made with organic ingredients. And we have championed the use of supercritical CO2 extraction, which creates a broad-spectrum yet powerfully concentrated herbal extract without the use of high heat or toxic chemical solvents.

New Chapter is committed to sustainability on every level of commerce and is a member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. We embrace the challenge to fulfill our responsibilities to consumers - who happily value our products and demand more and more of them - while at the same time honoring environmentally sound business practices. We are dedicated to proving that growth and sustainability are compatible. Luna Nueva, our organic, biodynamic, Demeter-certified farm near the Children's Rainforest in Costa Rica, is a world model for sustainable agriculture. Our products are made without the use of harsh chemical solvents. And our manufacturing, packaging and printing choices withstand an ongoing scrutiny for sound environmental choices.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity we have been given to nourish and heal people with the Wisdom of Nature, and you have our solemn promise that we will never, ever stray from our mission.

Our Leadership

Paul Schulick is the founder and chairman. It could be said that Paul's passion for natural healing began as a young child while accompanying his pediatrician dad on house calls. Paul comprehended that it wasn't simply the medicine that enlivened healing but the loving care emanating from his father to his patients. In the early 1970's, Paul embarked on a formal study of alternative health through personal explorations into healing and avid readings of the naturopathic greats of our time. A love of herbs led him into the natural foods retail business in 1978. Soon after, Paul formalized his Master Herbalist training at The School for Natural Healing under the direction of Dr. John Christopher, which ignited his passion for teaching, lecturing and formulating. His early herbal formulations were recognized as "new chapters" and set the stage for a procession of singular contributions to the food supplement industry. In 1986, Paul formulated the products we now know as New Chapter food supplements, the first line of whole food probiotic nutrients integrated with holistic herbal extracts. Upon their move to Vermont, Paul and Barbi, began the intensive building of New Chapter, beginning in their home and then expanding into larger and larger facilities. Recognizing the tremendous healing potential of ginger in the early 1990s, Paul integrated the technology of supercritical extraction into a full line of ginger products and wrote his first book, Ginger Common Spice & Wonder Drug. He then founded the first organic and now Biodynamic blue ring ginger farm in Costa Rica with Steven Farrell in 1994. In 1999 Paul invited his college friend, Tom Newmark to join him at New Chapter, the partnership leading to pioneering publications, innovative product development and dramatic growth, elevating New Chapter to leadership in the natural products field. Today, Paul helps direct the course of New Chapter and expands his knowledge of healing to deeper levels.

Tom Newmark is CEO of New Chapter, Inc. of Brattleboro, Vermont and a co-owner of Luna Nueva Farm in Costa Rica. Both New Chapter and Luna Nueva are certified organic to NOP standards, and Luna Nueva also holds the distinction of being a Demeter-certified Biodynamic® spice estate. It is at Luna Nueva that New Chapter has perfected the cultivation of organic turmeric and ginger, which are prized components of many of New Chapter's formulations.

Tom is author of numerous articles on health topics, and he is the co-author of the books Beyond Aspirin (Hohm Press 2000) and The Life Bridge (Herbal Free Press 2002). Both Tom and New Chapter's founder Paul Schulick are proud parents of Zyflamend®, one of the world's most respected herbal formulations, and Tom has been awarded multiple patents for innovative herbal formulations. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Organic Center, and is a founding director of the Demeter Biodynamic® Association of the United States. He is also a founder of Semillas Sagradas, the Sacred Seeds Sanctuary in Costa Rica dedicated to protecting endangered medicinal plants of the neotropics. This sanctuary is one of the new world's largest and most comprehensive sanctuaries for endangered plant species.

As Co-founder, Barbi has been central from the company's conception and grassroots years of early growth to its current leadership role in the natural products industry. While defining nearly every aspect of the business in its early years, she now principally focuses on corporate culture and conserving the New Chapter mission.

We believe Nature got it right the first time. That is, nourishment, protection and health that come from a whole food complex-- not from the synthetic vitamins, minerals and chemical herbal isolates you'll find in most supplements. In fact, we hesitate to even categorize New Chapter products as food supplements. Rather, New Chapter is supplemental food, because it is food.