Profile - MBi Nutraceuticals - Molecular Biologics

MBi Nutraceuticals, also known as Molecular Biologics, was created in 1988 with the mission to bring balance back to life through nutrition and wellness. Over the years, we have seen thousands of lives improve. Less pain, more vitality. Less suffering, more living. We love what we do because we help people feel better.

Ned Jensen has been at the head of MBi since the beginning. He has created cutting-edge formulations with unique combinations and innovative methods. Ned holds multiple patents in biochemistry and is the renowned expert in amino acid chelates.

We combine vitamins, minerals, and herbs in the proper proportions to effectively address specific conditions and general health. We work with the body's processes and patterns, not against them. This philosophy has been the foundation of MBi Nutraceuticals from the beginning.

Ned was asked to determine how well certain supplemental minerals were absorbed by the body. To do so, he looked at body tissues, such as skin, hair, and nails, after the mineral had been ingested, to see how much of the mineral actually made it to the cells. As he observed the tissues, he noticed something; he never found mineral molecules alone. They were always found in the body with a specific amino acid pattern attached. He concluded that the minerals the body was able to effectively use either came from natural sources with amino acids already attached to them, or, the body attached amino acids to them before assimilating them. Either way, the end result was the same. He asked himself, If the body can only assimilate minerals with amino acids attached, why not give the body the mineral that way in the first place? So, he developed and patented amino acid chelated minerals; now an unwritten standard of bioavailability in the supplementation industry.

Later, after observing chromium in its natural context, he developed and patented GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) chromium a mineral complex that has been shown to transport chromium into the cell three times better than chromium picolinate and six times better than chromium chloride. This was only the beginning. Ned's commitment to discovering excellence and passing it on has never wavered, and it is the backbone of MBi Nutraceuticals. He applied these important principles as he personally researched and developed every product in the MBi Nutraceuticals line. He has developed products for more than 30 years, which has given him the opportunity to not only create products, but also to observe their success over time. MBi Nutraceuticals products do what they say.

Today, Ned oversees the manufacturing process, and works together with the product development team to create and improve products based on what the body needs, not on the latest market hype. MBi Nutraceuticals combines time-tested methods with cutting edge technology and research to bring you the best of what nature has to offer, and to provide you with the tools and understanding you need to find balance.