Profile - Diamond Herpanacine Associates

Dr. Wayne Diamond, a holistic doctor and psychotherapist in private practice in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, Pa., is the creator of Herpanacine, the total skin support system that enhances skin vitality. This formula is marketed by his own company, Diamond-Herpanacine Associates, which has been in business since 1990.

Dr. Diamond has worked in the health care field since 1982, combining psychotherapy with natural medicine. His extensive research has enabled him to work quite successfully in the treatment of cancer, M.S., heart disease, herpes and other skin disorders. Dr. Diamond places a strong emphasis on patient education and his holistic practice concentrates on comprehensive natural medicine in such ways as: natural preventative medicine, vitamin/herbal therapy, nutritional programs, weight control and biochemical balancing (to combat disease.) As a psychotherapist, Dr. Diamond works on: stress management, personal growth, family counselling, couples therapy, eating disorders and gestalt therapy.

He has appeared on television, radio, published articles and given over 300 talks, lectures and workshops on all aspects of natural medicine. Dr. Diamond has worked as a guest lecturer and teaching consultant in the Department of Psychology at Princeton University. He works with small businesses and corporations in the realm of strengthening communication skills and helping businesses to realize their overall potential and their employees to develop more successful and meaningful relationships both at home and at work. Dr. Diamond has also done motivational work with some members of the Philadelphia Eagles NFL Football team. Dr. Diamond also pioneered work on mind/body connectional bonds aimed at health professionals and their patients.