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N D F (Natural Detox Factors) -by BIORAY is made from organic, whole foods and is administered orally. A one ounce bottle lasts from 32 to 64 days at a dosage equivalent to the metal eliminating effect of one DMPS IV injection per month. In most cases, pure water is the only drainage or nutrient supplement required. Heavy metal toxicity was recently linked to 76 different behavioral and functional abnormalities in the Townsend Letter, April, 2001.

A heavy metal detox that works! And we can prove it. Independent Laboratory and Clinical Findings tell the truth.

  • Safe elimination of up to 920% more metals per month than with DMPS.
  • Mobilized metals (80%) are quickly eliminated via the next urine following the dose.
  • Decreased risk of enzyme and leaky gut mediated resorption through the bowel.
  • EEG: Beneficial effect on the electrical activity of the brain (raises the beta waves for up to 4 hours).
  • Causes the elimination of all identified toxic heavy metals.
  • 38.4% average decrease in fecal metals following 5 days at maximum dose.
  • Can be used by the whole family.
  • No reported side effects from using NDF while amalgams and other metals are still in the teeth; we recommend additional drainage remedies for safety.

NDF is made from organic, whole foods and is administered orally. A one ounce bottle lasts from 32 to 64 days at a dosage equivalent to the metal eliminating effect of one DMPS IV injection per month. In most cases, pure water is the only drainage or nutrient supplement required. Heavy metal toxicity was recently linked to 76 different behavioral and functional abnormalities in the Townsend Letter, April, 2001.

Did this get your attention?
Not A Drug, Classified as a Non-Toxic Dietary Supplement" Oral or Topical Liquid Doses.


  • BioRay s Natural Nutrient Processing System.
  • PolyFlor Bioavailable Flora Metabolites.
  • BioPhoton Excitation Process™.

NDF is a SPECIAL DELIVERY" system of an organic whole food formulation in a micronized state that binds metals, toxins and gives immune system support. The synergy of the combination of the delivery system and the micro-reduced state of the ingredients provides an ultra penetrating supplement with dramatically increased bioavailability and superior efficiency for cellular assimilation and utilization.

These and the following statements have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. NDF is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. It simply removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body.

Physician s Information
N D F (Natural Detox Factors™) Physician s Information 7/11/2001

Based on the results of comparative 24 hour urine samples analyzed by an independent clinic and lab, a person can safely excrete up to 920% (9.2 times) more heavy metals per month taking NDF daily as compared to doing one DMPS intravenous injection per month. This greatly shortens the time required to achieve detoxification, an average toxic adult person requiring a maximum dose of 2 mls. twice a day for a period of about two months. NDF has also been observed to remove mycotoxins, endotoxins, chemicals (including prescription drugs), arterial plaque, scavenge free radicals, and protect against radiation damage.

To our current, best understanding, the main route of excretion is via the urine, thus accelerating the excretion rate of the mobilized metals as compared to the fecal route, decreasing the possibility of enzyme and leaky gut mediated resorption through the bowel, and decreasing the burden on the liver. The majority of the metals to be mobilized and eliminated per dose are quickly detectable in the first urination following the dose. Fecal Element studies show an average of 38.4% reduction in fecal metals following 5 days of therapy at maximum dosage while urine levels remain elevated.

Real time digital EEG studies show that NDF raises the beta brain waves an improvement in function within 5 to 113 minutes after a 1ml oral dose in heavy metal toxic patients, and has tested to last for up to 4 hours. The study will be presented in August 2001, at which time we will post it on this web site or provide links to the journal in which it will be published.

NDF is made from certified organic, raw, whole foods. It is not fractionated or synthesized. 2 milliliters (2 droppers full or 52 drops) contain:

  • 50 mgs. - Micronized cell wall decimated Chlorella Pyrenoidosa.
  • .12 mls. - Micronized Cilantro.
  • 10 mgs. - Micronized *PolyFlor: complex ferments, cell wall lysates and enzymes from beneficial bacteria including: Bacteriocins, hyaluronic Acid, naturally occurring vitamin B complex, super oxide dismutase, lipoic acid, fulvic acid, succinic acid, cell wall lipopolysaccharide-glycopeptide complexes, and whole peptydil glycans.
  • 75 mgs/liter Micronized Silica.
  • Grain neutral spirits 20% as a preservative.
  • Reversed Osmosis delivery system.
  • bioPhoton Excitation Process™.
  • *PolyFlor microorganisms include: 12 strains of lactobacillus (including casei, acidophilus, salivarius, bulgaricus, sporogones and plantarum), 3 strains bifidobacterium including longum and bifidum, streptococcus thermophilus, b. subtilis, and b. laterosporus.i.

Basic Methods of Action mobilize / bind / eliminate

  1. Whole peptydil glycans (<14,000 Daltons) and fulvic acid complexes from micronized PolyFlor readily penetrate cell membranes and bind with greater affinity to receptor sites than do heavy metals thus releasing the metals from the tissue, the brain and nervous system, and the intracellular areas.
  2. Cilantro mobilizes metals stored in the brain and spinal cord into more superficial tissues from where it is more easily removed.[1]
  3. 'Mucopolysaccharide's in chlorella s cell wall absorb large amounts of toxic metals similar to an ion exchange resin. [2] micronized chlorella cell wall particles firmly bind to the metals and usher them quickly and safely out of the body via the urine.
  4. Fulvic acid complexes and concentrates facilitate detoxification and elimination by increasing the vital activity of cells and organs.[3]

More detailed information on this subject can be found in the NDF Discussion" section.

Independent Laboratory Verification

Urinary Elimination Profile
All three studies were done with the same patient, 2 days apart. The red line represents urine on a day when no supplementation of any kind was taken (bottom line). The green line represents the urine on a day when only one 2 ml. dose of NDF was taken after the first morning urine (top line). It can be seen that NDF provokes a 6.6 fold (660%) increase in urinary heavy metal elimination that peaks during the first urine following the dose and then continues to a lesser extent throughout the day.

This patient, who had previously done over twenty DMPS pushes, and many other chelation and clathration detox protocols during the last 10 years, still had symptoms of mental confusion and 'perceptual snow . After two days of taking NDF the 'snow was gone and she felt much more clear-headed.

Interesting to note that nickel was mobilized via the stool in this and another patient. I have also seen tungsten and thallium mobilized via the stool. Copies of this and other tests appear at the end of the document in the Lab Data section. Research in this area is ongoing and will be posted in upcoming bulletins and on our web site.

Real Time Digital EEG study on NDF
An independent research lab is beginning a study on the impact of NDF and other substances on brain waves with real time digital EEG. So far we have seen that NDF repeatedly crosses the blood brain barrier, showing a temporary beneficial effect on the electrical activity of the brain (specifically raising the voltage of beta waves, which are characteristically low in heavy metal toxic patients), within 5-113 minutes following oral administration of 1 ml. (26 drops) and has been tested to last for up to four hours. Other supplements, including unprocessed chlorella, unprocessed cilantro, PCA-Rx, DMSA and live probiotics, did not show similar beneficial changes on the electrical activity of the brain.

Autism: This must be why NDF, in separate clinical settings, is so effective in the treatment of autism and other neurological disorders. In one MD supervised trial, the teachers of the autistic children requested that an additional dose of NDF (5 drops) be given to the children in the afternoons because it so improved their behavior following the morning dose.

Other Lab Testing and Case Histories
NDF has also been evaluated and proven effective with the German SchwerMetall Test, Cold Vapor AFS, ICP-MS, and High Resolution Blood Imaging. This data can be found at www.bioray2000.com in both the Case Histories and Lab Data sections.

Dosage and Administration
Based on the above recent urine, fecal and EEG findings I now use small frequent doses instead of large intermittent ones. This helps maintain the brain at optimum function while allowing for a safe and steady elimination of toxins.

Due to the fact that 80% of the metals to be excreted per dose come out in the first urination following the dose, while fecal levels steadily decline, I give NDF in 8-10 ounces of reverse osmosis or distilled water. I then instruct them to drink 10 ounces of r/o water an hour until the first urination. After that they switch to 3 ounces of Reversed Osmosis with Tri Salts added to raise the water to a (pH 9) when thirsty. I believe the reason some patients have trouble taking NDF as straight drops, sublingually, is because there is not adequate fluid intake to dilute and flush the mobilized metals out quickly enough through the next urination. This observation has made a big difference in patient comfort, especially the very sensitive ones, and allows for a larger dose and faster detox.

The average dose is 6 drops twice a day in an 8-10 ounce glass of reverse osmosis or distilled water on an empty stomach. A one ounce bottle will last for 32 to 64 days at this dosage and cause the excretion of metals equal to one IV push of DMPS per month. Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega MD recommends beginning at 1 drop a day and slowly working up to 6 drops twice a day based on symptoms. This is certainly the safest way to do it. I now consider the maximum dose to be 2 droppers twice a day, which should be carefully supervised. However, I have seen patients with strong constitutions easily tolerate this maximum dose. The most important drainage support is additional water (see Water under Metabolic Support) and secondly keeping the bowels open, at least twice a day.

In-Vivo Testing
The patient holds a 10 ounce glass of reverse osmosis water to which one drop of NDF is added at a time while testing to determine the minimum effective dose. I start them at this dose. If the person does well on that dose for a week or so, or if the person has a strong constitution, I test for maximum tolerated dose and gradually increase the dose to that level. If the patient is severely debilitated, or tests with a low battery focus, I give them a dose of NDF-Plus, have them sit in the waiting room for 20 minutes, and then retest the focal point to make sure they have utilized the dose. Please see my paper The Low Battery Focus" for other ideas on correcting utilization problems.

Patients with Amalgams and Other Metals in the Teeth
The following are the patient instructions I have used for the last year and a half with patients who still had metals in the teeth, or who could not come in to see me, with no side effects reported.…

  1. Take whatever is required to produce 2 bowel movements that day. Usually Epsom salts or OxyOxc. Wait 30 minutes.
  2. Take one ounce of SunRise (contributes an electro negative charge from fulvic acid, bioavailable nutrition and immune support). Wait 20 minutes.
  3. Brush your teeth with 10 drops of NDF and spit it out. Rinse with water and spit that out.
  4. Put 3 drops of NDF down the back of your throat (with an eyedropper or syringe), followed by rinsing and spitting with water.
  5. Put one-three droppers full (26 drops) of LiverLife into a 10 ounce glass of reverse osmosis or distilled water and drink. Wait 30 minutes.
  6. Take 4-6 caps of activated charcoal.
  7. Drink 8-10 oz reverse osmosis water every hour until the next urination.
  8. After that urination, switch to reverse osmosis, mineral re-fortified water close to a pH 9 or you can add a small amount of Tri Salts to alkalize the water and drink 3 oz at a time whenever thirsty.
  9. Prepare your meal, raw, alkaline forming and according to your blood type, in a high powered blender. Chew where you don't have amalgams or drink slowly. (No chewing gum.)
  10. Take 1 tablespoon of Pines low temperature barley grass powder twice a day after meals in reverse osmosis, mineral re-fortified or you can add a small amount of Tri Salts to alkalize the water. Wait 30 minutes.
  11. Take another 4-6 caps of activated charcoal on an empty stomach.

Gradually raise the dose of NDF to 3 drops twice a day, repeating steps 2-7 for the second dose. After that, the goal is to gradually get to 1-2 droppersful twice a day without provoking a nervous system or healing crisis. If you reach a point where you feel anything other than better, revert to the previous dose.

You may not feel much improvement at first because the dose is rather small at the beginning. The important thing is that it doesn't make you worse.

If NDF only makes you feel worse, switch to NDF-Plus and start with 1 drop, following the same instructions above. If none of this works, come see me. NDF gets to the brain in 20 minutes, NDF-Plus in 5 minutes, so you can find out by trial and error very quickly.

This is intended to reduce the metal burden and strengthen you while you are preparing to get your amalgams out. There will be no complete detox until that is done."

Provocative Challenge / HMT
NDF can be used to do a quick, inexpensive, in office, provocative challenge with the German SchwerMetall Test (Heavy Metal Test) kit. It is not as accurate or as broad spectrum as a 4 hour ICP-MS urine challenge, which is probably the best way to begin and end the case, but it does tell me the single most important answer I need to know during treatment: Is the patient still excreting metals, yes or no. If yes, continue. If no, do a Fecal Elements Provocative study with DMSA as the challenge remedy, and/or a 4-hour urine test with 2-4 droppers full of NDF as the challenge remedy. A 24-hour urine won t be as accurate as a 4 hour with NDF because most of the metals come out in the first urine following the dose.

Method: 1.) No supplements, seafood, canned food, garlic, fermented foods, raw egg, yogurt or cilantro for three days prior to the challenge.

Method: 2.) Collect the third urine of the day, one-ounce, midstream.

Method: 3.) Take 2 droppers full of NDF. Drink a 10 ounce glass of reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Method: 4.) Collect the next urine, one-ounce, midstream. Do before and after HMT.

Duration of Therapy
We can so far only measure how much metal is being excreted, not the total body burden, so it is impossible to exactly predict the duration or cost of therapy. We do know that there is a linear relationship between the volume of the dose and the amount of excreted metals. Therefore, the more they can take, the quicker the detox will be.

Metabolic Support
NDF is a streamlined, narrow band dietary supplement specifically designed to target heavy metals, other toxins, and immune system restoration. It has built in drainage effects which are adequate for most people. Additional terrain regulation and metabolic support will have to be provided by other supplements based on the patients specific needs, hopefully determined by in vivo methods of testing including Autonomic Response Testing, Applied Kineseology, CRA, Performance 2001, etc.

Many doctors have found that their patients require far less supplementation and or medication while on NDF. Aside from its detox capabilities, NDF is a broad-spectrum source of pollution free, bioavailable vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The same principle applies here as seen with 50 mgs of micronized chlorella being proven more effective at binding metals than 25 grams of normal chlorella. If a person consumes a 1000mg tablet of calcium, they might absorb and utilize 1% of it, however if they take 10 mgs of bioavailable calcium, they would get the same end result.


German studies show that the body can only assimilate 3 ounces of water at a time, and that the rest goes to the kidneys for elimination. Reverse osmosis water is stripped of all mineral content, therefore binds more efficiently to minerals and metals however, it is acidic. Since the primary route of metal elimination with NDF is via the urine, I recommend taking an eight ounce glass of reverse osmosis water at the time of the dose and every hour thereafter until the next urination. After that, continue to use a small amount of Tri Salts in your r/o water to maintain a pH of 9, and drink three ounce portions as frequently as desired for the rest of the day, or until the next dose. Water is the most important drainage remedy required while using NDF.

The Bowels

Herbal laxatives drain the 'qi , and most heavy metal toxic patients are already weak and constipated. Magnesium peroxide (OxyOxc) and Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) do not and are very efficient at cleaning the entire GI tract. I think it is safer to use these for a short time than to allow metals to accumulate and reabsorb in the bowel. Once the metals are out of the gut, and the flora is recolonized, the constipation tends to go away. Colonics and enemas only get to the large intestine. I insure that the patient has at least two bowel movements per day during detox. Flora supplementation is usually appropriate. I use SunRise for this purpose, which also contains a generous supply of glutathione from probiotic predigested hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.

Kidney and Liver Support

LiverLife protects and strengthens both the kidneys and the liver. It tests more frequently than any other remedy for drainage support while taking NDF. It is for this reason that most of its ingredients are already included in NDF-Plus in probiotic predigested form.

Oral Hygiene

If there is 'tattooing , or gray stains on the gums, I recommend brushing with a few drops of NDF and then spitting it out twice a day. MouthMagic is not as intense, and also keeps the mouth free of plaque for about 12 hours after use. Another useful tool is 'clay water . Put 1 tsp. of Aztec Secret Healing Clay in a tall glass. Fill with r/o water and mix with a spoon. Allow to stand for 20 minutes and then either drink the top half to neutralize stomach acids, or use as a mouthwash to pull metals out of the tissue.

Clay Baths

Pre mix 1 lb. of Aztec Secret Healing Clay in a gallon of hot water. Pour this into the bath water. Add 2 droppers full of NDF. Mix. Stay in the bath for about 20 minutes, being sure to immerse the head and face occasionally. Afterwards, rinse off with non-chlorinated water. Then you will probably need to rest. Do the clean up wearing thick rubber gloves.

Many people have accelerated their detox with this method. If a persons body odor increases while taking NDF, meaning the poisons are trying to come out through the skin, clay baths and Far Infrared saunas would be very important.


For local areas of inflammation and 'toxic ganglion problems: first mix 4 tsp's. of Aztec Secret Healing Clay and about 1 tbsp of Palma De Christi Castor Oil. Then mix in a few droppers of NDF. Allow to stay on the affected area for up to two hours, and then rinse with warm, non-chlorinated water. We have seen mercury induced boils and irritated nerves clear up with this method, it also cools down 'hot spots .


Some patients feel better during detox while taking 3-4 caps of activated charcoal twice a day on an empty stomach. These are probably the ones who are mobilizing more metals via the stool.

Far Infrared Sauna

The Far Infrared sauna pulls out 8 times more toxins than a regular dry heat sauna and is especially useful when there is also chemical toxicity. Most of the toxins that are going to come out this way do so within the first 15 minutes of perspiration, so there is no need to over do it. Be sure to drink even more water on the days this is done.

Cost Effectiveness / Compared to DMPS
It was recently determined by an independent, comparative 24-hour urine tests conducted by Dr. J. Wright via Doctors Data that a single, 2-dropper dose of NDF pulled out 20% as much metals as an IV dose of DMPS on the same patient. Since NDF can be taken daily, and DMPS only once a month (per the protocol presented by Dr's. Klinghart and Mercola), this means that up to 920% (9.2 times) more metal can be excreted per month using 2 droppers of NDF twice a day (maximum dose) without the side effects and mineral deficiencies associated with DMPS. Since we have noticed a linear relationship between amount of the dose and percentage increase in excreted metals, 6 drops twice a day would take out about 107%, or roughly the same amount of metals per month as DMPS, making NDF very cost effective, especially when you consider that very little additional supplementation is required while using NDF. Suggested retail is now $150 for a one-month supply, equal to the cost and efficiency of one DMPS IV push.

Shelf Life and Storage
NDF contains 20% grain neutral spirits as a preservative and will last un refrigerated as long as any other tincture. Once it has been added to water it should be considered perishable, kept refrigerated and used promptly. It is supplied in amber bottles and is best stored in a refrigerator or a cool, dark place.

Certificate of Sterility, Proof of Purity
If you have any questions about product purity or our methods of quality control, please call and request the Quality Assurance: NDF" handout. Silliker Labs certificate of sterility available.

References and resources:

[1] Dr. J. Mercola Mercury Toxicity and Systemic Elimination Agents".

[2] Dr. J. Mercola Mercury Toxicity (thymerasol, thymerisol,and Systemic Elimination Agents".

All of the following has been linked to heavy metal toxicity, ms, multiple sclerosis, immune system disorders.

After years of using various labs I now simply use the Heavy Metal Test. Though it does not numerically quantify the toxin, it does let us know if there is still metal coming out through the urine. It inexpensive to run a test and it takes less than 10 minutes.

We welcome your feedback, case histories and comments as you gain experience with NDF.

NDF and NDF Plus are whole food dietary supplements that tend to restore the balance of beneficial minerals in the body. One of the ways it does this is by naturally stimulating the excretion of heavy metals. Neither NDF nor NDF-Plus are designed or intended to be used for the treatment, diagnosis or cure of any disease. There is no such thing as an NDF Protocol for the treatment of any disease', however, NDF or NDF-Plus may be included in any protocol for any disease that requires the restoration of mineral balance.

NDF information Children and NDF

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NDF information Chlorine News Release

NDF information Heavy Metal Chemical Test Lab

It is an unfortunate fact of modern life that heavy metals exist in our water, air, food, and dental fillings, and that these toxins are absorbed into the body’s cells. Mercury, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, cobalt, uranium, lead, thallium, arsenic, organophosphates, organochlorides, etc. are all toxins that can result in debilitating and chronic illnesses for millions of people. Eliminating these toxins from the body is important to everyone’s health and wellbeing. NDF™ is a dietary supplement that increases the excretion of heavy metals and chemicals including mercury, lead, aluminum and arsenic. The chlorella cell wall in NDF™ is a mucopolysaccharide (non-metal) ion exchange resin (MIER); it forms both ionic and double bonds with toxic heavy metals and chemicals in the body. It is a safe, effective heavy metal detoxifier that moves metals out of intra and extra cellular spaces. NDF™ is produced using a proprietary manufacturing process with the active ingredients suspended in a liquid, assuring rapid absorption and 100% bioavailability.

Certified organic, raw, whole, pure, and micronized: chlorella, cilantro, PolyFlor™ probiotics, and 18% grain neutral spirits as a preservative.